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I needed to write something light

"Come one, come all!"  The ringmaster roared.
In top hat and tails, the buffalo was lord.
"The center ring shows an animal heater,
the amazing kangaroo hot fire eater."

"Carrying his fuel, he reaches in his pocket
for a teeny-weeny match from a little gold locket.
In goes the flame with barely a scorch.
He blows a huge fire, a big blazing torch."

"Next we have the wire balancing act.
Ruby the elephant, huge bulges in black.
Her trunk is the key, it wavers in air,
and keeps her from falling, please don't despair."

"Now focus your eyes on the farthest right ring.
Gandy the goose will conduct them and sing.
This specialty act are the dancing pink pigs,
dressed in sparkly red suits and teeny wee wigs."

"On the far left we have Johnny porcupine.
He throws quills at a target but many decline.
Watch as he whirls his quills through the air
and frames the scared rhino trembling right there."

"Finally, look high in the sky and see acrobatics
performed by huge camels, they are quite the fanatics.
They leap and they swing on tiny wood bars
and bound across space like giant brown stars."

The ringmaster says, "We're grateful you came.
Please come back next year for more wondrous games.
We'll have some new acts, a few horses and giraffes.
You can count on the giggles and shout giant laughs."

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