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by Syeira
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O River Aare, as a fellow-creature of Allah SWT. Delight him in your beauty.

“The city of Bern will forever be deeply connected to Indonesia”

Aare river is a very beautiful river and looks calm, but is it the current flows fast, has the deepest point reaching 200 meters. The water flows over an area of 17,779 km. has a length of 295 kilometers and covers an area of 17,779 square kilometers. The Aare River has a strong current, although along the Aare River there are several exit points for swimmers. There are stairs and red iron that can be used to hold on to. However, getting out of the river is not an easy matter, but certain tricks are needed to be able to pull over. Even though this river is very long and wide, the beauty, clarity, and water that look very calm and fresh make the visitors not want to miss the opportunity to soak the body in the river. In addition, this river is commonly used as a swimming area for local people and is considered a swimming pool. There are even residents of Bern who commute by using the river for transportation while swimming. They carry their dry clothes in dry bags and they can instantly be in another part of town. Since 2017, swimming in the Aare River has been recognized as an intangible heritage by UNESCO.
But in 2022, precisely on 05/22 this river threw a country, this beautiful river became the subject of conversation for all people in a country, the river became the center of attention and even became a question mark and the history of the event, then what country is it? This country is indeed a country that has a friendly society, even the famous Asian tiger. Namely Indonesia. So, what is the relationship between this beautiful river and the country dubbed the Asian tiger? What happened? The journey of a man who ends in this beautiful river is what makes the Aare river so tied to the State of Indonesia. In 2022, the Aare River was widely discussed after being the location of the disappearance of the son of a governor of West Java, Indonesia. Ridwan Kamil and Atalia Praratya.
This incident made Indonesia consider the Aare river not only beautiful but also holds memory in the hearts of a father, mother, family, and even a country. History engraved in 2022 left a deep wound on the drowning of the young man who was well known to those who knew him. He is called Emeril Khan Mumtadz, because Emeril Khan Mumtadz traveled with his family to Switzerland to look for a campus to continue his studies at the S2 level, along with his younger brother who also intends to continue studying in that country.
While traveling like other people in general Emeril and his family did not miss the moment of the trip, then they decided to visit the clear and beautiful Aare river. In the seconds of a video shown on social media Instagram, the Aare river is quite swift from the video clip. So they decided to enjoy the river by swimming together. On the same day, after a few hours from the Instagram status, a piece of news shocked the State of Indonesia, the eldest son of the governor of West Java did not participate in going up to the mainland, the young man drowned in that beautiful river, reportedly the young man was helped by residents, but fate said otherwise, he was more concerned with his mother’s safety by telling his mother not to swim and giving a life jacket to his younger sister who was also threatened at that time, in an instant his body disappeared like it was swallowed by the ocean, Eril disappeared from the surface, this news came to the country where the young man came from, as the son of a prominent person and known to have a noble character, it immediately makes millions of people in the country concerned.
On the other hand, the name that is often called Kang Emil, the number one person in the city of Bandung, the State of Indonesia, is the father of this young man, currently, on an official trip to England, this unwanted news reached him immediately, it can be seen in the video clip that he is still alive. carrying out his duties, the expression on the face of a father who was worried and sad on the sidelines of the meeting, showed that Ridwan Kamil had no more concentration after hearing the news, it looked as if the look on his face said he wanted to end the meeting as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the young man's mother, Atalia's mother, reportedly does not want to see anyone and has short-term trauma from the events that happened in front of her eyes. This incident is the biggest blow to Ridwan Kamil's family and many people, millions of people pray for the young man to be found safely soon. But the day his beloved father arrived in search he had not been found, even the father went down to look for his son in the waters of the Aare river. Swiss authorities swiftly took action to find Eril. Family, friends, and the Indonesian Embassy in this matter also intervened. That day the river Aare became the main focus of millions of people. Prayers and efforts have been made but Eril was not found that day. Every day everyone waits for good news from the search, but for a week Ridwan Kamil's family has been struggling to find their eldest son, but they can't be found. Even netizens are always monitoring social media for the latest updates, a video shows Ridwan Kamil sounding the right call to prayer. beside the river, as if calling his son with the melodious chants of the call to prayer that he echoed. His only son, his hope and affection, whom he had not heard for a long time, his voice calling him "Father" and joking, as usual, had struggled to return home or was comfortable at one with Nature under the care of the creator of nature. That is the son of the Governor of West Java, Bandung. Emeril Khan Mumtadz. Drowning in the waters of the swiss river, while swimming with my sister, family, and friends. Unexpected events, but he was alert because he became a hero to the people around him. He who took care of his mother and sister calmly returned to the lap of the creator. Atalia's mother hero and Azzahra.
Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz’s Profil
Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz or Eril is the eldest son of Ridwan Kamil and Atalia Praratya who was born on June 25, 1999, in New York, United States. Eril was born in the US when his father was studying for a master's degree in Uncle Sam's country. From childhood to adolescence, Eril studied at the Darul Hikam Islamic Boarding School in Bandung. After that, he continued his education at his favorite school, SMAN 3 Bandung. After graduating in 2017, Eril then continued his education at the Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ITB. Based on the data on his Linkedin, Eril is a fairly active person on campus. He was a member of the KM ITB Cabinet for two years from 2017 - to 2019 and had held three positions. In 2020, he became an Assistant to the Mechatronics Laboratory, FTMD ITB. In addition, he must have been a member of the ITB Mechanical Student Association and held three positions.
That's him, Emeril khan mumtadz, a cheerful, funny, light-hearted, patient, always fragrant, and kind person who has made a wound in the Aare river. Sunga Aare and Emeril Khan Mumtadz are two beautiful creations of their owner Allah. also belongs to Allah, it has become a stipulation that these two beautiful creations unite to make the river brighter, the positive aura possessed by Eril's body radiates beauty from the bottom of the river. The search is continuing, even for a week the search team has searched the Swiss waters, but Eril's body has not been found, even a week has passed, no signs of Eril's body have been found, whether Eril has essentially merged with its owner through the beauty of the river. Although his body has not been found, the search is still being carried out by the Swiss authorities, the Indonesian Embassy, friends, family, and the community, while the family of Mr. Ridwan Kamil and Mrs. Atalia will return to Indonesia because the extension of the proposed leave has expired, a mother remains a mother, will not willing to leave his son alone unaccounted for, sad can't be described anymore. While leaving the country, leaving the river, Mr. Ridwan Kamil, Mrs. Atalia, and their daughter Azzahra sat weakly on the beautiful riverside bridge, praying and praying, as if Eril was in front of them, as if they were telling the river to take care of their eldest son. That. By looking directly at her son, Atalia's mother said goodbye
"Ril, mother, go back to Indonesia first, yes. Mother entrusted you with the care and protection of your true owner, Allah SWT, wherever you are... Insya Allah, you will not be cold, hungry, or lacking anything. You will get an abundance of love, gifts, and happiness that never ends. Here in the river Aare which is incredibly beautiful and beautiful, Mamah let go of you, so that we can meet again sooner or later. As the mayor said “the city of Bern will forever be deeply connected to us”
Mama's best wishes for every breath, Atalia. Aare River, June 2020.
The implied toughness of a mother's message to her eldest son, shows a very deep sadness, about the Aare River. They attached a beautiful white flower to the tree that coincided with the chronology of the event and released a rose into the Aare river. The beautiful and beautiful Aare river will be a link to a mother's prayer for her child, will be a history that will exist for all time, and will live forever for every visitor who enjoys the beauty of the river. It even became a deep liaison between the two countries. The State of Bern and the State of Indonesia, strong memory for mankind and the cause of tears for the family when they heard the name of the river was mentioned. Strong faith made the parents of this man an easy journey, Mr. Ridwan Kamil and Mrs. Atalia had announced the departure of their eldest son. They said goodbye to the Swiss search team to go home, even Mr. Ridwan Kamil hugged a man who was quite old and saved their daughter Azzahra who was also swimming in the river at that time. With trembling legs, they stepped out of the country. When they arrived at the airport, a video showed how a father who returned to his hometown without bringing his son's body, bowed his head down and walked through Bandar Ir Soekarno Hatta, Jakarta. But still, the toughness has been shown by a father for his beloved son.
A father and mother who looked strong but surely wept into the loss of their eldest son without seeing his body. Behind this heartbreaking story, a father exposed the figure of his son during his lifetime, through his father's Facebook account, Ridwan Kamil. The writing on the veranda shakes the heart of every reader, making everyone so familiar with Eril, of the virtues and the figure of a good young man. Scribble after scribble that describes the heart of a father to his child is so heart-wrenching.
"When are we going home?
The story of Eril, our beloved son, is essentially a story about all of us. The fact is that all of us will go home. In a time, place, and way we will never know.
Life in this world is really about the journey, not the destination. And like a story like a journey, a story always starts from a starting point. And the story will end at an endpoint. And for everyone who comes, there must be a time to return home.
For the journey to be safe, we must prepare road directions and supplies. Directions are faith, traveling provisions are anfauhum linnas, namely bags containing our good deeds.
That's the essence of the story of Eril
We, the family, have made it clear that he is done with his journey. Plenary life with all its deeds. He passed away to the real owner according to his schedule. The schedule that has been written in the book of God's destiny is Lauhul Mahfudz. If only we could switch places. If. Surely that's what every parent wants to do. But human logic is not the same as destiny. And if we hear her mother's cries every night and her father's voiceless roars, it's only because our hearts are shattered into pieces. Currently, we are reaching for the rope of faith and sincerity, to guide us in adapting to this destiny. We believe there are two ways to judge the length of human life. The first, judging by the length of the biological age which is calculated by months and years. It's our habit. But there is a second way, which is to calculate the length, duration, and magnitude of his good deeds when he lived in this mortal world.
Ananda Emmeril Khan Mumtadz, maybe his biological age is only 23 years old, but with the breadth of his good deeds, God willing, he goes with a long life. He was born June 25, 1999, in Ney York, and died in Bern on May 24, 2022, when he was on a mission in trying to find a master's school. It doesn't matter where we were born and where we go home, in fact, all places in this world belong to Allah SWT. Eril, you intended to go looking for knowledge and lessons, in the end, you were the one who gave knowledge and lessons to all of us.
Dear Eril, your father just found out, that not just hundreds, or thousands but millions who pray for you Ril, from orphans in the villages, motorcycle taxi drivers, and trishaws on city roads to scholars in Palestine. From those close to your heart to those who don't know you at all. Could this be because of your kindness in buying Eid clothes for the orphans? Or is it because of your kindness that the THR of your own money to the security guards is real? Could this be the reward for your patience, when we don't buy everything you want even though we can afford it, so you have to work part-time while studying Ril? Could this be the reward for your nightly prayers and your noble character that always spreads a smile [full of radiation of happiness is Ril, could this be the fruit of when you rained and led young people to distribute alms to orphanages and the poor were Ril?
Could this be a blessing from your kindness in always protecting the humans around you Ril? Even during that incident, you saved your mother by forbidding her to enter the river and you gave up your life vest for your sister. You are a hero.
It turns out that you secretly have prepared provisions for the return trip, Ril, Masha Allah. And calm down wherever you are Ril, Ridhallah Fi Ridhawalidaini, God's blessing will be with you now because we pray sincerely and are pleased to let you go home. Even though someday we want to shout “Allahi Akbar!” if one day Allah will allow us to meet your body. If there have been sins from us so far, we apologize to you for all our shortcomings, and vice versa. Whatever it is so that you are calm with Him. Our prayers are with every breath and teardrop for you, my son.
The Aare River will shine brightly because these millions of prayers will be a light that illuminates the calm where you are now Ril. Until we meet again when you open the gate. It can be seen that the verses of this writing describe the immeasurable sadness from the bottom of a father's heart, even on the sidelines of his young writings, he hopes that his son's body will be found. several sources and residents said that someone who drowned in the river would surface in 3 weeks, so the search for Eril would not be restricted.
It seems that the contents of a father's heart are amazed and proud of his eldest son during his life journey, the good things that have been done throughout the life of Eril's figure make him long in human memory, a good and pious man who gives many lessons to all humans on Earth. With his father's sad scribbles, the human heart suddenly screamed at the incident and burst out as if he wanted to hug the deceased, but his body was never found, he blended in comfortably with the nature created by the owner of nature, his services seemed comfortable with the beauty of the Aare river. His body was gently and warmly embraced by the creator of the Universe.
Ril, you went to seek knowledge, your goals were good, your intentions were very noble, and maybe you wanted to be a valuable human in the world, but fate gave something more valuable to you and the universe, Eril's departure may have been a heartbreaking event but he left a lot of wisdom and lessons to mankind and even the universe. Your name will live on in the recesses of the hearts of those who know you even those who don't know you, that is the secret of your return. Make your path more beautiful than all your good deeds during your life in the world, even the Aare river does not want to part with your polite and noble body. Let your memories last as long as the existence of this Universe, your name will live on with the existence of that beautiful river Aare. A river that will be a symbol of your kindness and lessons from you because every visitor who comes will hear your story and your precious figure for mankind. Meanwhile, the search will continue indefinitely. Now he and the river Aare are still there.
“We all go on a journey of virtue to one destination. Who came first and how it is the secret of the creator, in essence, we will follow back His King and the journey process as the key to opening each other's gates. And shows the glory of a person's age from the impression he leaves during his journey in the world.
Aare River (Switzerland) & Emeril Khan Mumtadz (Indonesia) created deep ties between these two countries.

Author: Irma Suryani Siregar.
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