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Cildren's poem

The Confused Turkey

Sid the turkey was a big, worried bird.
As Thanksgiving dinner, he thought, "That's absurd!"
He hid in the barn while he thought with his eyes.
"I know! I can hide with a wonderful disguise."

He put a pink bonnet on top of his head
and hid in the pig sty," Oink Oink," he then said.
The pigs threw him out, he couldn't fool them.
Maybe, he could be a speckled brown hen.

He picked up some mud balls and spotted his skin
and sat on a nest with a silly wide grin.
The hens all laughed and cackled at Sid.
You're a turkey," They crowed. "You just don't fit in."

Sid wondered," I could swim, maybe, hide as a duck."
He jumped in the pond, crossed his toes for good luck.
He sank like a rock, falling all the way down.
The other ducks chuckled; they knew he would drown.

In the huge cotton fields, he could crouch in a heap.
Covered with fluff, he would look like a sheep.
Sid tried to baaaa at the other young ewes.
But they all ran away; they were very confused.

Maybe he could be a small horse with a mane.
Grabbing the clothesline, he twisted a rein.
When the big horses ran, Sid tried to keep up
but his legs were too little and he fell in a rut.

"I really can't hide." Sid said with a cry.
He went through the barnyard, saying bye bye.
Farmer Brown came towards Sid, his ax in his hand.
He said, "You silly old turkey, we're eating a ham."

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