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by Ridhon
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study can make your life better

The importance of studying in young age

By. Muti'an Ridhon

Learning is a process of thinking from not knowing to knowing. This can make a person better. There is theoretical knowledge and there is practical knowledge. Theoretical knowledge is only to increase one's insight, while practical knowledge is knowledge that can affect attitudes and behavior.

According to Quraish Shihab when explaining science is defined as "reaching something according to the actual situation" or "something very clear recognition of an object", therefore someone who reaches something with his mind but his reach is still accompanied by a little doubt, then he cannot be named "knowing what it reaches"

Meanwhile, according to Gagne, learning is a process in which an organism changes its behavior as a result of experience. From this understanding, there are three main attributes or main characteristics of learning, namely: process, behavior, and experience, with the following understanding:

1. Learning process is a mental and emotional process or a process of thinking and feeling. A person is said to be learning when his mind and feelings are active. The activity of thoughts and feelings itself cannot be observed by others, but is felt by the person concerned, what the teacher can observe is its manifestation, namely student activities as a result of the activity of thoughts and feelings in the student.

2. Changes in Behavior Learning outcomes in the form of changes in behavior or the behavior of someone who learns will change or increase his behavior, either in the form of knowledge, skills, or mastery of attitude values.

3. Learning experience is experiencing, in the sense that learning occurs in the interaction between individuals and their environment, both physical and social environments. Physical environment, for example: books, props, natural surroundings. The social environment, for example: teachers, student librarians, and principals. Learning can be through direct experience or through indirect experience. Learning through direct experience, for example, students learn by doing it themselves and their own experience. Learning through indirect experience, for example knowing from reading books, listening to teacher explanations. Learning through direct experience results will be better because students understand better, master the lesson more, even the lessons are felt by students to be more meaningful.

Thus, learning makes a person gain knowledge that affects life and behavior.

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