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A Beautiful Inter-Galactic Friendship started with Corn on the Cob for Writer's Cramp,
A Beautiful Inter-Galactic Friendship,

The green reptilian aliens from Sirius the dog star,
landed on the White House lawn
Demanded to see the President
On an urgent matter, they said.

The aliens met the President
And told him the Galactic council
Had voted to “contain” the planet earth
From ever leaving the solar system.

Earth people were just too violent
And crazy to join the Galactic Federation.

But there were 15 things
That the Galatic council authorized
His firm pursued trading with the earth.

The fifteen items they could import were:

Baseball, beer, blues, basketball
Cards, country music, coffee, football (both American and soccer)
Golf, guns, whiskey, wine, and rum.

And fresh corn on the cob.

They wanted to try all of this
And then enter into negotiations
In return, they would share
The secrets of interstellar travel.

They served them lunch
Burgers and corn on the cob
Followed by beer and whiskey
While listening to blues and country music.

The aliens smiled as they tasted
The corn on the cob
The burgers they said
Were okay, lots of places
Did good burgers.

But the corn ah that was pure heaven
As was the beer and whiskey
And the blues and country music.

And the Peets coffee sealed the deal.
And that was the beginning
Of a beautiful inter-galactic friendship.

NEW PROMPT: Tomorrow, June 11, is Corn on the Cob Day. Write a story or poem about someone (human or otherwise) eating corn on the cob for the first, time.

Corn on the cob is heavenly as is Peet’s coffee, beer, wine, whiskey, and rum. Blues yeah but country music meh, burgers are heavenly too.

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