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by green
Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2274642
A child's fantasy with frogs and bubbles
The Unbreakable Bubble

         SPLAT! POP! Fred and his froggy buddies were jumping on bubbles in their pond, making them explode.

         Fred loved eating butterflies and mosquitoes. But playing the bubble game was his most favorite thing.

         Suddenly, he saw a huge bubble, falling into the pond.

         "Yikes!", he said. "This one is mine!".

         Fred splashed, quickly, over to the bubble as it landed in the water. Using his legs, he shot out of the water and landed on top. Shutting his eyes, he waited for the explosion.

         But the bubble didn't break. It shook. It shimmied. It began to move, drifting over the trees around the pond.

         Too scared to look down, Fred hung on tight.

         Then he heard a strange buzzing sound.

         Peeping through his eyelids, he saw a teeny weeny mosquito, flying in circles around him.
         To Fred's amazement, the mosquito started talking.

         "What are you doing up here? Wait a minute.....are you hungry?" The mosquito said, backing away.

         "No, I'm too scared to be hungry. This bubble was SUPPOSED TO BREAK!" yelled Fred.

         "Wait a minute," said the mosquito. "Maybe I can help you."

         "How?" asked Fred. "You're just food".

         The mosquito said, "I know! I can poke this bubble with my stinger and down you".

         Looking down, Fred said, "Those trees look sharp. And my skin is really soft."

         Spotting some yellow and black butterflies, the mosquito said, "hang on," and flew over to them.

         Fred saw the mosquito point to him, then point to the pond.

         The mosquito raced back to Fred, "The butterflies are going to use their big wings to push you back over the pond. I'll pop the bubble and you'll fall down. OK?"

         "YES!" shouted Fred. "Let's go."

         The butterflies flew behind the huge bubble, flapping their wings.

         Slowly, the bubble moved back over the pond.

         The mosquito looked at Fred, "Are you ready?"

         Fred looked at him, then down at the pond.

         "Yessss." answered Fred, nervously.

         Fred added, "If this works, I won't eat another mosquito or butterfly ever ever."

         Buzzing loudly, the mosquito slammed into the giant bubble.

         BANG! The bubble exploded, spilling Fred down into his buddies.

         Looking up at the mosquito, Fred shouted, "Thank you!".

         The mosquito giggled and flew away.

Word Count 374


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