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A Speculative-themed Fiction

October 2021 -
This new month of October will be one of spiritual energies and… demonic activity? October 1st would have been the day you started to notice disturbances around you. Maybe a light was turned on when no one was inside, a floorboard creaked while you were downstairs, or a mirror shattered when you weren’t looking. This month all beings, holy and unholy will be attracted and unfortunately bound to you, due to your alignment with the planets Venus and Mercury during this time. Mercury controls the events of your past and the chance that they’ll reoccur, people of your past will start to appear around you, whether they are of the living kind or of the other can’t be foretold. Venus manipulates your energies, making you more tempting to those around, drawing different entities closer to you, some merely want to admire, others would have it in mind to own or control you, taking hold of your soul and manipulating your every action; to prevent this sage and scrying crystals must be purchased and placed around the house, in order to detect and block these spirits

October 4, 2021-October 10, 2021 -
The week of the fourth and the tenth will be the most trying times for most Sagittarius, for this is when the gates to the other are most trafficked. You might be feeling especially groggy in the mornings, your limbs seem tethered to your bed at times. The moon is at its highest, which stimulates the energies of these beings that may have already been in contact with you. Doors are being locked, stoves turned on, and a chill you cannot get rid of pervades your domain, preventing you from leaving your house. The spirits are most cruel and mocking during the nights; you can hear them groaning, giggling, and whispering at your door to let them in, where you’ve placed a mixture of salt and sage and pieces of iron to ward off the stronger spirits, though they still bump at your door. During these nights you mustn’t open the door, not even to use the restroom.

October 7, 2021 -
It will be eerily calm in your home, though at this point, the temperature will have dropped to shivering levels. Do not be deceived. You might not even be in the mind to leave, as if something is mentally caging you. The stairs no longer creak at night or in the mornings either, yet you can still feel a strong presence in your house. There was no time to eat or sleep, with only the chatterings of your teeth as a companion. The number seven should have protected you, should have provided a boundary between you and the other, should have cleansed you of the negative energies that had already attached themselves to you. If this doesn’t work, you must go to your room and lock the door. You feel eyes on your back and get a sudden chill. The door unlocks with a click.

October 8, 2021 -
You have been feeling under a spell, groggy and uncertain about little things, like the time and dates. You no longer feel that way however, in fact you’re more alert, quick to notice details, faster on your feet; though there has been a consistent nagging, an underlying buzz if you will, that causes your eyes to refocus on the sharp objects in your house. You have begun to think of going outside again, with a newfound thirst, for what you can’t be sure. It seems you have been visited. Your limbs possess a newfound violence, as they tear at the walls and furniture, searching, sniffing, growling; and then they stop. Your ears perk at the mews of your pet Whiskers, who peers up at you with eyes as big as plates. Your body leaps. The cat is no more, only claw marks and splashes of blood in its absence.

October 9, 2021 -
You no longer feel pain, sadness, remorse, or any other particularly human attribute. The moon no longer looks down on you, choosing instead to hide its gaze in the form of a new moon. The waves and the tide recede whenever you draw near, not wanting to pollute themselves any further of your malignant energy. Places of spiritual and religious significance close and lock up whenever they sense you near. You belong to the other now. You are no longer governed by the same rules that once applied to you. Instead you hunger, not for food, knowledge, or excitement; but for blood.
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