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Chapter one:
"I swear I didn't do anything wrong!" I shout, folding my arms
"So you deny fighting and wounding Zander" my accuser, Jaxon says
"Well not really I did fight him... and.. wound him.... but you got to believe me I didn't!..."
"Tron, leave now we speak of this later, after we decide what to do with you!" Jaxon shouts at me. I look earnestly at my brother, Hunter, but he stays still.
I sigh but walk out the pure white room. I squint my eyes in the light, I look to the left and the right then walk down the quartz path, my wings stiff behind me. I reach the edge of the floating piece of the judgement building land and jump. I grin as I free fall down with my wings still tight against my back my long white hair flowing back as the wind slices through it. The land below me gets bigger as I fall but as soon as I see the trees vividly I spread my wings and glide across the tree tops. I swerve to the right as another flier comes from the left
" Watch it!" the man shouts
" Sorry!" I yell back but I'm to far away for him to hear. I fly a little longer till I reach my destination, my small humble home. I land gracefully on my sidewalk and walk up to my door and enter. I take off my shoes and plop down on the white couch. I pick up a book off the small table next to the couch, I growl and throw it at the man standing by my door. Hunter catches it and walks over to where I'm sitting. " I was going to read that until you showed up" I say
" You always were a fast flier" Hunter says, looking at me
" And what does that have to do with anything?" I snarl
"You beat me.."
" Never mind don't really care" I say cutting him off " So what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be decided my fate?"
" Jaxon said I shouldn't participate" he says
" Why are you here then I didn't invite you?"
" You don't have to invite me I am your brother"
" Hmmm"
" Tron what is bothering you?"
I laugh " Are you kidding! You're what's bothering me!"
" How?" he says
I bow my head, I forgot.... Hunter isn't understanding like he used to be " Never mind"
"Okay. I brought some food. I think it's your favorite. I hope this eases what is wrong with you"
I smile " Thank you" and grab the box Hunter has in his hand. I open it and see my least favorite food, cabbage and potatoes. I sniffle and try holding back my tears.
" Is something wrong?" he says with his emotionless face. I get up, run to my room and lock the door. I sit on the bed and grab a pillow to muffle my crying. I hear Hunter knock on the door " Tron did I do something wrong?"
" No! Nothing's wrong!" I lie and after a little while I hear his footsteps fade away. I throw the pillow across the room. " I hate them!!!! I hate them all!!" I lay down on my bed and stare at the ceiling. I drift off to sleep without knowing it. I jerk awake, scared. I look around and sigh, " Just a nightmare" I get out of bed and get ready for the day. I exit the front door and see words written in the air
The message dissolves when I finish reading it. I growl to myself but lift myself in the air with my wings and fly back to the building in the sky. I follow the quartz path to the building
" Let's get this over with" Jaxon says as I enter the room. I look over at my brother and give him a smile but he just nods. My tears threaten to come but I fight them back. " Tron Guardian you have been made an Outcast" Jaxon says grimly.
My eyes widen " Outcast?"
" Yes" Jaxon says " You will leave as soon as you say goodbye to your brother"
I look at Hunter his eyes still lifeless " Hunter..." I say and fly to him.
" You're leaving?'
" Yes I am" I try to smile
" But who will I protect now?" he says
" Protect yourself"
" But I have to protect you" he says with his monotone voice
" I'll be okay, now I can find the Demon who did this to you" I say
" What is this I feel, it hurts" Hunter says putting his hand over his heart
I put my hand over his " It's sadness Hunter"
" Why does it hurt?" he asks and I couldn't take no more
" Hunter I'm leaving, I've got to go" I say and begin to walk away
" Tron.. why does it hurt?" he says following me " Why do you have to leave?"
I walk faster "Hunter I'm an Outcast I have to go!"
" An outcast, how? I don't think you are" he says
" Just promise to stay alive, please" I say and begin to fly
" Okay" he says and flies up after me " So why are you still leaving"
I turn around " I love you brother" I fly full speed to the Gate
" Brother?" I hear in the back of my mind as I leave my brother behind me. I fly to the Gate and look behind me. I wipe my tears and enter, leaving the only place and family I ever knew behind.
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