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The trauma caused to me by my incredibly toxic family.
I never realized what a family was meant to be.
The way I was raised seemed normal to me.

But my earliest memories of my father are fear,
And in front of my mother I'm still ashamed to shed a tear.

The fighting and strife
Consumed my early life

But I told myself day after day
That everyone's family was this way.

And I believed it was true,
That is, till I grew
And realized the trauma that I had gone through.

A healthy family is patient and kind,
Keeping your best interest in mind.
But the issue is: that wasn't mine
So how will I know if I'm doing it right?

Maybe my children will be just fine,
Soaring through life as smooth as a kite.
Or maybe I'll grow old and with horror I'll find
That when it comes to parenting, I turned out just like mine.
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