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This is a 1st person story
Once upon a time, I was a boy named Jake in middle school. I was a boy who loved looking at websites and using my computer. One day I found a website no one uses. I opened the website and saw a screen asking things. The website was called growyourcharcter.com. On it said insert someone's name. Please select option.(grow muscle, decrease muscles, increase height, decrease height,Increase size,decrease size). I noticed the school bully, Billy bullying Justin. I wanted to try Billy's name. I typed Billy Benitez. And click to grow muscles.It then told me to select mass growth I typed 25 mass, after that it told me where on the character the muscles would grow, I clicked arms. When I clicked start Billy’s arm started growing little by little, until we heard a rip. I clicked stop growth. Billy’s arm growed and ripped a little of his shirt. I decreased his muscles by clicking decrease muscle, 25 Mass, arms. Billy’s arm became normal. There I knew that I can control people’s Muscles, height, and size. I went on a walk around the school when I noticed my friend Nick (strongest in the school) with some girls.
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