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by Alexia
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Sugar Sweet Secrets. Now with three more party members, they explore the wilds of Kirham.
“So, where are we-”


Arwen fell silent as we crept through the grass. As we got closer to the population it got smaller which was good for us; the Redyr nest in the low grass. But it wouldn’t be helpful if we got them on high alert.

Redyr weren’t usually dangerous creatures, most on Kirham weren’t without a reason. But you get in their nesting grounds, they can be vicious. That’s why we had to catch them away from the nests or find a shedding ground. In this season, we should be able to find enough for the Wizards.

I was in the lead with Marakin at my side; Sora on her back. He was still in pain from his wings and I didn’t want him to suffer too much. Behind us were the Wizards, Arwen then Aratazz followed by Ozani. Hopefully, we could finish this today and be back at Kirham’s edge tomorrow.

With the grass near our waists, the Redyr could finally be seen. Reaching the edge, I stopped and the rest of our make-shift crew joined me.


Redyr were known for their bright red fur and long elegant antlers. They were gathered in the field, playing with each other, jumping around, and laying in the dirt. Nests had been built on the ground from torn-up grass and were near the base of flowers that reached the sky.

Arwen and Aratazz had wide eyes as they stared at the creatures. Kirham had beautiful animals, the Dove, Angel Fish, Pegasus, and Hollinhogs, all pure and majestic. Redyr were just one of the jewels that Kirham shelters.

“Do you understand why we can’t hunt them?” The Wizards just nodded unable to do anything else.

“Now we wait,” I glanced up at the sky. “They should be feeding any time now which means they will leave the nesting grounds. They haven’t had babies yet so they all will go.”

“Then what? Do they just leave their horns on the ground?”

“Well yeah, we just need to wait for them to leave and then we find them. The shedding season was a while ago but they should still be out.”

We waited and soon the Redyr began to leave. Leaping through the grass and bounding away. With only green in the field, we entered.

“Don’t touch anything but the antlers, scents of other creatures make the nests unusable.”

They nodded and Marakin stayed back with Sora and Ozani. Creeping forward, we dodged the small nests in search of discarded antlers.

We didn’t wander around for too long, Arwen and Aratazz found several while I kept traveling back to Marakin because I couldn’t hold them all. But even once the field was cleaned, we only had fifteen, we still needed five more.

“Well, where do we go now?” Aratazz glanced around but only green was seen.

If it was just me, I could go to the Sugar Syrups and get the rest that we needed. If I just said Grammi needed it, no one would ask. “I’ll go to get some; you guys wait here.”

“Where are you going?” Arwen had a no-nonsense tone; he wasn’t going to just let me fly home.

I just shrugged him off and went back to Marakin. Brushing her feathers, I leaned close to whisper.

“You keep an eye on these Wizards, protect Sora.”

She didn’t reply, but I know she heard me. Turning my back on the Wizards, I began to fly away.

Until something wrapped around my arms and jerked me harshly back to the dirt.

“What the?” I looked up to see Arwen smirking at me, an invisible string tied around me. “How dare you, Wizard!”

“Where are you going?”

Why did I ever get caught up with these humans? Why couldn’t the plot just not include them at all; no one liked Humans.

“Fine, I'm going to the Sugar Syrup’s tree to get some antlers. I’m faster by flying and I’ll be back before sundown. Now, will you please let me go?”

“Can we come!” Aratazz bounced around, while Arwen smiled at her.

He didn’t even look back at me when he responded to Aratazz. “Sure, it sounds fun; I haven’t seen a pixie house.”

“You can’t! Humans aren’t allowed!” I tried to argue, I really didn’t want to explain why I was bringing even more humans.

They both looked over at Sora and neither of us could respond; I guess humans were technically allowed because of Sora.

Sorata shrugged, so he wasn’t going to help me, and I gave up. “Fine, you can come but it will only slow us down.”

“Then we better get moving.” Arwen picked up his bag and staff and began to walk towards the Home Trees.

Aratazz followed with a hop in her step and I led Marakin, Ozani at our sides.

The walk was long and dreadfully long. If I had gone with Marakin, we would have made it back to Kirham’s edge before dark. But now we had to go at their pace which was horribly slow. It was as if they didn’t care about time or the plans I had. At this pace, we wouldn't get back until tomorrow morning, if not later.

After a mid-day meal and avoiding another Buzzwasp, we reached the edge of the Home Trees.

While Arwen and Aratazz stared up at their height, I was helping Sora off Mara’s back. “I’ll go up with the Wizards, you okay staying with her?”

We both looked over at Ozani who was picking at her nails, acting uninterested.

“Do I have to?” He whined, slouching and acting like a child.

“I already have to sneak back in, with two humans. If Rhodon found out you were still here, he would kill you himself, or leave you near the Buzzwasp grounds to be killed.”

Sora didn’t look pleased, but nodded and turned to face Ozani. With that taken care of, I led Marakin over to the Wizards that stood with open mouths.

“How can trees be that tall, I was amazed by the flowers and grass, but this, this is impossible.”

“Nothing is impossible on Kirham.” Arwen jerked around, startled by my words. “Anyway, you two will have to ride on Mara. Humans aren’t allowed so keep your heads down and don’t talk.”

“What if-”

“No. No talking, touching, asking questions, or even breathing.” Aratazz lowered her hand. “I am breaking so many rules by even leading humans to the Home Trees. I could be banished for this, I almost was years ago, so don’t bring any attention to yourself.”

That shut her up and she jumped onto Marakin.

“Don’t pull on her feathers, hold onto the saddle. If you pull, you’ll damage her and her flying.

Arwen looked down at Marakin, cautiously leaning forward enough to grab the saddle. She made a noise, making him jerk back but I only laughed. She liked playing around with people.

“Okay, let’s do this and pray we don’t get caught.”

The flight was easy, I flew next to Marakin, making sure the Wizards were ducked low enough.

Thankfully, the Sugar Drops were on a lower level, at least the ones I knew. Koko was only just a bit younger than me and we were best friends; kind of.

I reached the landing, surprised by the closed sign over the opening.

“Skym!” I looked back at the Wizards, “What day of the week is it?”

“Mira, the first day.”

Of course. The one day all stores are closed, we need to go shopping.

“Stay here, and duck down, why don’t you? Wizards are too tall.”

I ducked under the sign, making my way into the back. In the back, I let out a sigh seeing only Koko and his husband.



The two jumped and I let out a cackle, scaring Koko was the best part of the day.

“Yasmin White Willow, what are you doing here?” I was pulled into a hug before I could answer, Lake hugging me once Koko was done.

“We heard you left, and Sorata is,” They looked at each other, Koko was unable to say what Sorata really was.

“Well, I need something, and I need it now.”

“What is it, anything for you Via.”

“Redyr antlers, five of them. Without questions.”

Koko wrinkled his nose at me but pulled me into the shop; turning a light on.

“You know, their horns don't turn out well, food-wise. There really isn’t much use for them for Fairies.”

“I don’t care, Koko, I need them. Now please?”

The longer I stayed, the bigger the risk we were all taking.

He hesitated but handed over the box. I counted and began to leave, ready to get away from the danger.

“Oh! But my payment Via.” His voice was sugary sweet, Koko was up to no good.

“Yes, Koko my bestest friend in all the Home Trees?”

“Details. You said no questions, but when you come back you better tell your story.” Lake came forward, the two waving me goodbye.

I skipped out, handing the box to Arwen, and flew back to safety with Marakin. Ozani was still there and thankfully, Sora hadn’t left either.

“So, Kirham’s Edge?”

And then we were back to walking.

Why, why did I get stuck with suck flightless creatures?
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