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Turning Points for Poets Place

I have had 15 turning points
In my life

I was born premature
Half blind
Partially deaf
Severe speech impediment
Poor coordination
Partially autistic
Learning disability
Bad teeth

I Failed first grade
Due to missing most
Of the year
Due to childhood illness

As an adult
I struggled with Alcohol
And Drugs
Almost became an alcoholic
Almost became a drug addict

I dreamt of marrying my dream girl
For eight years dreamt of her
Then she walked into my life
And became my wife

I endured and survived two periods
Of three years of bad luck
According to Korean-Chinese
astrological lore.

survived a horrid
OIG investigation
into my leadership skills
as the visa chief in Madrid.

In Bangkok there
was the bar incident
that almost led
to me being kicked
out of the Foreign Service

I filed and won
Four grievances
In my career
I was low-ranked twice
And survived.

I cheated death
22 times in my life

From childhood illnesses
To typhoid fever.
Breaking my ankle
Enduring 15 operations

Developing arthritis
Developing fibromyalgia
Developing hammer toes.

I had several affairs
Over the years
Get managed to stay married
Despite my affairs.

Finally overcame and
recovered from developing
possible signs of senility.

Through it all
I recovered through the love
Of the love of my life
My dream girl
My soul mate.

She is the reason
I survived
And did not lose
My job and my life.

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