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Random biographical writing part 1
What is it like to be a modern yet very atypical American?

Chapter 1

Multicultural is a fairly subtle and rare human trait that is something not easily picked up by monetary means or purposeful actions. It requires specific circumstances and situations where an individual is clearly and continuously exposed to many differing phenotypes, languages, attitudes, and social values of communities that may oppose or reinforce one's own perspectives. Being constantly, varyingly challenged this way may help broaden one's horizon, preventing the tunnel vision of what it means to be a human being, what it means to be doing great things, or which things are intellucaully fulfilling. There are many ways to fall into a culturally homogenous environment, and it is often very easy to do regardless of where you are from or who you are with. In this case, it is often not one's fault. Perhaps someone lives in a rural area containing extremely sparse density of people or that she or he is an immigrant whose language barriers are too much to overcome. Even when an individual has opportunities to interact with another who is culturally different, it is not likely that the individual would take on the imminent chance to do so out of the blue. Familiarity is important, probably due to some biological wiring rooted within our behaviors, and it is usually natural to be attracted to others who dress similarly, maybe also the similar level of melatonin production, or more abstractly, similar job fields.

My name is Joe. Actually, it is a name I gave to myself upon the realization that I want an Americanized name. My parents named me Linh which I later appreciated the cultural implications of being given such name. At first, I wanted to fit in and I thought having such Americanized name is the first step. I am not certain if America is unique for providing the liberty for all to make up whatever the names they want to be defined by and then change their own names. Obviously, there are whole linguistic and cultural dimensions attached to the names themselves. Some people are named after some kind of disciples in Bible, others named after Greek or Roman Mythology, some after the juxpositation of internet-era lingo and fictional characters in Hollywood movies. Some Asian or Indian cultures are more likely to have the less-transient names like Kim, Wang, or Raghu which are probably attributed to the family dynasties back in their respective time periods. However, in my case, it is kind of pathetic reasoning. I just found Joe label cool because it started with J letter. And I guessed I didn't like to have an uncommon birthright name at that time.
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