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by Earl
Rated: E · Poetry · Mystery · #2274828
Missing, mystery
When you look around inside the house

The furniture goes missing instantly

Appliances disappear all by themselves

Utensils go elsewhere, some place different

And what about the dishes?

Perhaps the mystery must thicken first

When your pictures fade away

And ships drift into oblivion with silverware

Colors on your walls crawl out the window

Gone forever with the floors you once walked upon

Maybe you should leave it all behind before you cry

What was once a home is now an empty house
An empty shell within, without itself

What happened to the packages and letters?

Was the delivery person delayed forever?

Perhaps it’s time to read between the lines

The post office was stolen in the night

Boxes were lost or locked up by cops

The city shut down, especially downtown

Maybe we should sleep or call the boss

When you go be sure to drive a car

Vehicles these days run on dreams and gasoline

Turn off the lights before you leave the city

Leave the door ajar in case the burglars weren't finished

Who knows what waits around the bend of time

Around the corner of the mind at sleep

It runs deeper than you think

When the calm comes in so do the criminals

Take care. Most likely there is nothing there

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