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Short fiction based off a prompt (link below)
Sara walked into the library room and asked Tom, “Do you want to visit the Topiary Castle with me today?”

Tom replied will still reading his book, “No.”

“Why not?”

“I have my reasons.”

“And what would that be?”

Tom sat there, staring into the book. Sara poked him, trying to get a response, and he continued to ignore her. Sara poked him again, but harder.

He closed his book and placed it on the small table next to him. He slowly turned his head and looked at Sara; she was smiling.

He sighed, then said to her, “Every time I go there, I get weird dreams. For example, the last time I saw two giant cats; one was on the castle wall and the other was on the ground. That same night I dreamt of Romeo and Juliet, but with cats. I refuse to go back there ever again.”

Sara laughed and told him, “That’s it? That's why you don’t enjoy going there?”

Tom frowned at her and picked up his book again. Before he opened it, Sara continued to say, “Look, I'm sorry I laughed. I just thought there was a more serious reason. How about this? You go with me and I owe you one. We can go wherever you want next week. I will not say no.”

Tom thought about it for a few minutes.

“Ok. I guess I could be fine with that.”

When they arrived at the castle and walked inside, Tom freaked out and ran back to the car; she followed him. Sara arrived at the car and saw Tom shaking.


Tom was shaking his head back and forth, mumbling something that Sara couldn’t figure out.

“Tom!? Tom, it’s Sara. You’re going to be ok. Do you want to go home?”

Tom shook his head yes, slowly, then opened the passenger door. Once inside, he looked at the floor and was mumbling again. Sara got in the car and looked at Tom. She felt extremely guilty for forcing him to come.

She put her hand on his back and rubbed it. When it seemed like he was calming down, she drove off. When she was not looking, Tom smiled.

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