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Not everything one tries to get leads to happiness. Some bring regrets with them.
I couldn't look away from my reflection.
The dark circles resting beneath my monolid eyes led me to immense darkness where I saw no hope with my barely opened eyes. My skin was no less than any coarse sand in the scorching heat. Flat nose, broad jawline, thought I looked like Voldemort. Duh, even he had big eyes. Why the heck does these Westerners have perfect eyes!? Why does Seo Jin has a perfect face and not me? I hated my reflection but I wasn't going to sit idle and cry over my face. I had worked day and night to live my life as I wanted to. So, I signed up for plastic surgery.

Today also, I can't look away from my reflection. These big ocean-like eyes, long perfect nose and this sharp V-shaped jawline was all I wished for. It feels like I'm a character just escaped from some anime. However, will the moon remain mysterious if it doesn't has its dark side? My glass-like, so called "flawless" skin doesn't have those fine lines which used to describe my fine emotions. Sorry, but I can't love this 'beauty goddess' when I miss my old, real self.

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