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Based on true story happened around me
Tell me it sounds familiar- do you happen to walk often to clear your headspace? Do you love going out for walks to imbibe in your surroundings? You are a wanderlust not only for the destination but also for the journey? Do you love your experience of life, people, and yourself by strolling down the lanes? Do you observe your surroundings more? Then chances are, that you a Flaneur and you didn't realize it. Flaneuring is a way of living life, more sound. More aware. It helps a person, an artist within to understand the culture around them more. Anyone who wants to experience a bit more can practice Flaneuring. Flaneuring not only helps you to understand the surroundings more but also to know yourself more. Your choice, likings, dislikings, everything you get aware of while you Flaneur and observe. It helps to have a clear headspace to be more productive. Just as I experienced. I had been on many with my family. My father loves driving and is additionally keen on traveling. So, we always travel by car. We have planned road trips to several places including Jaipur, Nainital, Mussoorie, Rajasthan, Punjab, Shimla, and Vrindavan. My favorite among these was our trip to Mussoorie. It is my hometown, yet I don't visit that often. We went there with our extended family. My uncle, aunt, and cousins were all going back to our home. My uncle, aunt, and parents traveled by one car while I and my cousins traveled by another So, so an overnight journey was planned for the trip. We couldn't stop giggling as we sat in the car. The atmosphere was all cheerful. We played antakshari, cracked jokes, and laughed to form the foremost of this point together. Soon, we get tired and dosed off to sleep. As we drove by, we saw the gorgeous mountains and green valleys. The view was magnificent. We saw lakes, enjoyed boating, and indulged in a lot of shopping on our trip and the best part was our passion for hunting places to explore.
We spend our day exploring our town. It was a great experience on our street tour we saw Chaiwallahs. There is something about tea that I can't recover from. The tea shops on the streets add an incomparable flavor to our lives. There was a snack stall. The sizzle, the spices, and therefore the gluttony go alright with the tourist bustle. Eating on the road is something that can never go out of tradition for me. The two local girls chatted and giggled non-stop, while the purchasers kept pouring during this alley was extra chaotic, but this lady added her fragrance and wonder with her flower basket. The little Bhutta stalls on the streets remind us of the simple joys of life which we rarely face in our busy lives. Walking all alone, and exploring new things was a one-time experience for me. For those few hours, it was just the town and me and my memories. In our distracted and efficient and busy city life, it's amazing the number of memories we all have across urban landscapes that stray under posts, emails, and snap suggestions. And how much can shine through, begin of nowhere, and smack you - if you let it. There can be nothing more liberating than walking under the open sky, with shining stars, and with that, there's a lot of responsibility you carry on your shoulders and that boosts up your confidence like nothing else. It's an exquisite sensation, going to call in the dark, and having the town gradually reveal itself. I've enjoyed it most in places that are crowded during the day but, the best part of exploring a city in the dark is the slight sense of being in an alternate world. The view down from the Mountain is full of lights. The night smells different. You can sometimes hear underground streams flowing. It's nice to be compensated for the invention of the latest places. I encounter cities that reveal themselves differently in the dark than they are doing during the day. The day brings cities and their full agglomerative forces bent bare and may overwhelm the maximum amount as fascinate. Details stray within the fullness of the town. At night, the city is clothed, ascetic, and, in some ways, just as we are at night, more playful and creative. Night walks are an excellent tonic for the stress and dullness of cities, and a break from our increasingly digital lives. I can become anyone, anywhere, observing, reciting poetry in my head, watching the celebs. I don't need to be cold and lonely inside. At night I can walk alone and be anyone. I felt safe by myself in the darkness. I felt the darkness is kind to me and helped me calm my anxieties. It is not ostentatious, but subtle and unassuming.
And that's where the reality hit us. We were under the spell of fear as two guys approached us with not-so-good intentions and touched Sara Hair one of my cousins. she turned to them, and they smirked and ran away with their motorbike. We all felt like we were compelled, and we weren't moved by an inch. At that moment we realize as women were not allowed to roam the city streets freely, our position in the urban milieu has been questioned. Spaces are divided and public spaces are associated with men and private spaces with women. Women's position on the streets has therefore always been negligible and their experiences limited. Unable to flee their position as an object, women remain situated because of the object of the flaneur's gaze. They are seen as objects to be gazed at and they find it difficult to free themselves from this society. The female stroller must continually assert her position as a flaneuse on the road to not be perceived because the object of the male gaze, thereby further negating the possibility of having the disinterested attitude of the flaneur during his aimless walks along the streets. Even though female flerie is restricted by women's vulnerable position within the city, it doesn't mean that ladies aren't pursuing a way of freedom from oppression in the streets of the city.

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