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Pandora, a nerdy 16 year old girl wakes up to find that she has a superpower!
It's the start of a new week and Pandora is already dreading school. She hates school, she hates everyone there, everyone but one person. Her equally as nerdy best friend, Sapphire!

Her parents are on their holiday and are spending their week in Japan, leaving Pandora in England to attend to herself, she has only one sibling, but she lives at university housing.

Pandora gets out of bed and showers, but partway through she hears the doorbell, its the postman.

She wraps her towel around her and goes to the door, hoping that he would just leave.

When she got to the door and opened it, he had already gone, and she had nothing in the postbox either, she didn't think anything of it and went back to showering.

Unknown to her, her will to have the postman leave had actually caused him to leave!

She put on some fresh underwear and her uniform, ready for the torturous day ahead.

The first thing she did at school was go to English class, she really hoped that the other students would behave for once, this was one of her favourite subjects!

To her own surprise, everyone was behaving, she was so surprised by this!

By the second period she had already figured out that she was somehow altering people's minds!

As she was leaving one of the more intolerable students, a year 7, decided to play a prank on her. The year 7 went over to her and started asking her to date him, which made her really embarrassed and she wanted him to just go away, but he didn't, her mind control wasn't working?

Eventually he stopped as Sapphire had turned up to rescue her.

Sapphire: Are you alright Pandora? I'm sorry i didn't help sooner

Pandora: It's alright sap, it was just really embarrassing!

Sapphire: Lets go to break, I want to plan what we're doing at your sleepover later!

Pandora: Oh yea I completely forgot about that, something really interesting happened today.

The two went to break and Pandora showed Sapphire her power by making a teacher hug a wall!

Sapphire: Pandora you know what this means right? We can finally get rid of all your bullies and make them turn away before they do anything!

Pandora: I wish that was the case, but for some reason when that year 7 came up to me earlier i couldn't do anything, its almost like when im embarrassed the powers don't work

Sapphire: Oh, well thats a shame, still this is amazing! Make me do something funny!

Pandora made Sapphire stand up, and embrace Pandora.

Sapphire: Aww, you don't even have it in you to make me do something embarrassing.

Pandora: How could I? You're my best friend and I love you!

In the third period Sapphire had to sit next to the worst student ever! Her name was Charlie and next to her sat her boyfriend who was almost as bad as her, his name was Daniel.

Charlie: Hey bitch, give me your pen i forgot mine

Sapphire: Why should I?

Charlie: Do it or I might do something you won't like to your girlfriend over there.

Sapphire: She's not my-! Well whatever you think i'm not giving you this pen, its my only pen.

Charlie: Okay then.

Charlie grabbed a water bottle and started heading over to Pandora, but before she could throw the water Daniel grabbed Charlie's skirt and pulled it up in front of the entire class, revealing her bright pink thong to everyone!

Charlie: What the fuck Daniel?

Daniel then started to unbutton her shirt, she resisted so he tore it off of her, her matching pink bra being revealed as everyone laughed!

She ran away keeping her skirt and underwear, Daniel left his mind-controlled state and was confused before quickly running after her.

Sapphire and Pandora were laughing their arses off, they hadn't seen anything so funny happen before!

Lunch was next and the two sat enjoying this moment, loving all of it.

Sapphire: Did you see her face? It looked like she had just walked in on her parents or something!!!

Pandora: For real! Her emotions look like they came right from a comic!

Daniel came over to the table

Daniel: What the fuck are you laughing at? Was that really so funny for you two fucking children?

Pandora: We're older than yo-!

Daniel: I don't care! Charlie is so close to breaking up with me now because of that and i'm not even sure what happened!

Sapphire: What happened is you just got mind controlled by Pando-

Pandora: Wait wait don't say tha-

Daniel: She did what? I don't believe that for a second, how would she-

Pandora: Got an itchy bum kid?

Daniel had his hand down the back of his trousers itching his ass.

Daniel: What the fuck ew? How are you doing this you fucking witch!?

Daniel left in a storm, Pandora and Sapphire unable to get over themselves.

Lunch had already came to and end, time really does fly when you're having fun!

The last two lessons felt like a breeze, with Charlie and Daniel having gone home nothing could go wrong!

They went to Pandora's house for the sleepover, this was going to be a fun night!

Sapphire: What should we do with your power's now? You're able to do literally anything and you will never have to pay!

Pandora: Well I do have a weakness...

Sapphire: Oh yea, well i'm sure it will be difficult to exploit, besides only us two know about it!

Pandora: That's true, I think we should play some games and then have some food!

Sapphire: Okay but now that you have powers, lets do something fun.

Pandora: What would that be?

Sapphire: We play smash bros, but if I win I can make you do anything I want with your powers tomorrow at school!

Pandora: And if I win?

Sapphire: uhh i didn't think of that, I suppose as I have no powers its only right you get to control me. Okay I will do anything you want for the rest of the night if I lose!

Pandora: Deal!

Sapphire: Wait this seems a bit unfair now i think about it, you don't even get punished for losing!

Pandora: Well a deal is a deal, tough look sap!

Sapphire: Fine, just don't make me do anything too stupid, okay?

Pandora: Finee

They spent hours playing smash, it was a great time but Pandora won!

Sapphire: noooo i was so close.

Pandora: Okay well I guess you are mine to control now, what should I do first?

Sapphire: You're asking me?

Pandora: Pick your poison!

Sapphire: Okay so what if, you order the pizza and when the delivery man turns up you control me. Just don't say anything too embarrassing, I'm 16 remember? Just like you? We don't want to get the pizza man arrested!

Pandora: As you wish!

Pandora ordered pizza and the pizza man arrived very soon.

Sapphire: Okay i'll get the door, remember nothing too-

Pandora: No i'll get it!

Sapphire: What about me?

Pandora: You'll see what I have planned!

Pandora quickly answered the door.

Pandora: Ooh smells nice, how much do i owe ya?

Pizza man: £25 please!

Pandora: Perfectt, just one moment!

While Pandora got the money, she had controlled Sapphire to go outside to the man's car and started to play her prank.

Pandora: Here you go!

Pizza man: Many thanks, here's the pizza! Enjoy!

The pizza man came back to the car but was shocked at what he saw, on the driver's side mirror hung a pair of red panties, and on the opposite side hung a white bra. Words could not describe his confusion. He picked them up and put them into his car, driving off!

Pandora: What a creep, taking a 16 year old's underwear!

Sapphire came into the front room with Pandora, only just now gaining back control of herself

Sapphire: What the fuck was that?

Pandora: Hey I made sure nobody saw you and you didn't say anything embarrassing!

Sapphire: I mean, i guess so? But what about my underwear, you made me take it off without removing my outerwear and he drove off with it!

Pandora: Hey at least I let you keep your outerwear, and thank fuck you were wearing a skirt otherwise it would have been so much harder to do that! As for the underwear being stolen, to be honest I didn't expect him to do that. But hey it was pretty funny right!?

Sapphire: Yea it actually was quite funny, but you owe me underwear!

Pandora: Well you're not having mine, besides my stuff will be too slim for you, not that you're fat or anything

Sapphire: I was gonna say, im only like an inch wider than you

Pandora: Anyway, lets get this eaten and then I think we should sleep!

Sapphire: Sure thing.

Both enjoyed a tasty meal before changing to go to sleep, both wearing just a thin shirt and some comfy shorts.

Pandora: I've prepared your bed for you here!

Sapphire: You get a king-sized bed and I get this?

Pandora: Well yea, I love you but you aren't sleeping with me, maybe one day though!

Sapphire: Maybe one day, love you Pandora!

They fell to sleep in an instant despite the excitement from the past day, they dreamed of each other, both have a crush on each other after having spent so long together. It wasn't too long until they were woken up!

Pandora: Sap? Sap? Did you hear that?

Sapphire: Hear what?

Pandora: That... crash noise, it was so loud...

Sapphire: Sorry I'm quite a heavy sleeper, but its probably nothing.

Pandora: Alright then, if you say so... Goodnight!

Sapphire: Goodnight

Another 4 hours passed, the time was 3am when they woke again, this time to something much more unpleasant!

Someone: WAKE UP!!!

Sapphire & Pandora: huh?

Someone: So you two bitches thought you would have the last laugh? Guess who was wrong!

They recognised the voice, it was Charlie, but they couldn't see!

Charlie: I heard Daniel out, and while I didn't believe him for a second I wanted to blame you for what happened anyway, so here we are!

Sapphire: Let us go!

Charlie: Not enjoying being tied to a bed? Here let me remove these blindfolds

The light entered their eyes as they saw the room, Sapphire was tied to one side of the bed and Pandora was tied to the other.

Charlie: I never liked you two, always spending time together, I honestly would not be surprised if the two of you weren't dating already, oh and yes, this is a date now, you two fucking lovebirds. I'll make sure I make it a date to remember.

Pandora: Get out of my house!

Sapphire: Mind control her or something!

Charlie: Oh you want to mind control me? How about this, mind control me and obviously I will leave you alone, but if you actually can't, well firstly I'll break up with Daniel, but secondly I'll need some people to take out my anger on!

Sapphire: Do something!

Pandora: I can't, this position I'm in is too embarrassing!

Charlie: So you can't do it? Okay then, lets let the date begin!

Sapphire: Fuck off, when I'm free I am going to kill you!

Charlie: Oh really? I don't think you are in a position where you can kill anyone little girl.

Sapphire: Say's the 15 year old who ran out of Spanish half naked!

Pandora: Sap stop she has a knife!

Charlie: Indeed I do, though I won't hurt you, not physically at least. Before waking you two, I decided to look through Pandora's diary. Sapphire, did you know that Pandora has a crush on you? Not really surprising to me, but for a sad nerd shit like you, must be a huge surprise.

Sapphire: Pandora is this true?

Pandora: no n-, actually why hide it, yes I love you more than just a friend, I want to spend my life with you!

Sapphire: Aww, I feel the same way, don't worry we will be out of this soon enough!

Charlie: I'm still here you know, enough of the lovely stuff. Now that you have broken my heart, I think its time I break yours.

She begins cutting away Pandora's shorts, exposing her privates to Charlie.


Charlie: It's too late for that, ooh but it looks like you're a little wet down here, is that how you really feel about Sapphire? Well then, I think Sapphire is going to love this.

She calls in the pizza man, who turns out to be Charlie's brother!

Charlie: You know what to do

He unzips his trousers and reveals his erect dick to the girls, before getting onto the bed with Pandora and inserting it.

Sapphire: YOU'RE A MONSTER!!

Charlie: You can't say too much you little bitch, now keep quiet, you're next!

Pandora tried to break free but was held back, Charlie sent her brother out.

Charlie: How was that you piece of shit? Now then, my next plan is yet to arrive so I think its time I have some more fun!

Pandora screamed, she was crying as Charlie got the knife and ran it down her top, leaving her completely naked.

Charlie: How are you liking this Sapphire? Your one true love completely naked, I bet you're feeling a bit wet too. Here, let me check for you!

Sapphire: NO! Get away from me you creep

Sapphire was kicking as she got closer but stopped as Charlie cut away her shorts.

Charlie: Wow, seems I was right! Considering how much you two like seeing each other like this, I say I let you have your fun together now.

She untied Pandora, she tried to run but Charlie held the knife to her throat.

Charlie: Get on top of her, now!

Pandora complied.

Pandora: I'm so sorry sap.

Sapphire: Don't be, this isn't your fault!

Charlie: Oh yes it is her fault, she embarrassed me in front of the Spanish class, and now I want you to live the rest of your lives as embarrassments.

Charlie: Start fucking, otherwise this knife might end up in one of you.

They were reluctant but did eventually get into it, afterall both had been secretly wanting sex with each other for a long time, though without the murder threat.

Charlie: It looks like he's here, but keep going, this video is going to be great!

Pandora & Sapphire: WHAT VIDEO?

Charlie: The one I am going to play on the school TV tomorrow, I told you I wanted you to live the rest of your lives as embarrassments!

Daniel walked in

Charlie: Here's the next part of my plan! I told him that I would forgive him if I could see him have some fun with you two first along side me.

Daniel: How the fuck did you tie them up like this?

Charlie: I have my ways, you go and play with Pandora, Sapphire is mine.


Daniel: I've been waiting for this day for a long time, ever since you had to show everyone that picture of me in my girlfriend's underwear I have been wanting my revenge.

Charlie: Fuck you for that by the way.

Pandora: To be fair, that was funn-

Daniel: Say another word and I'll have you somewhere worse than on a bed.

Daniel grabbed Pandora's breasts and started playing with them, flicking her nipples with his grubby hands, watching her big breasts bounce as he slapped her.

Sapphire: Get off of her you creep!

Charlie: I think you need to shut up bitch.

Charlie grabbed the shorts Sapphire was wearing and stuffed them into her mouth.

She grabbed the knife again, and ran it down her top, this time cutting her skin, she had a huge red line running down her chest before the blood started running out, the cut wasn't severe but it was painful enough to the point where everyone could here Sapphire's scream even with the shorts in her mouth


Charlie: Giving her what she deserves.

Charlie started fingering Sapphire, she was in so much pain.

Charlie: You better start enjoying this bitch.

Sapphire tried to look like she was enjoying it, but Charlie wasn't buying it.

Charlie: What's the point of you having this hole if you aren't going to enjoy when an attractive person fingers you? Time to teach you a lesson!

Charlie grabs the knife once again, but this time puts it into Sapphire's vagina, not cutting anything.

Charlie: Maybe you will enjoy this

Pandora watched in horror as Charlie forces the knife into Sapphire's crotch, she was crying out in pain as blood began to flow out, Charlie really did have no mercy.

Charlie: Enough of her, she isn't that interesting. Pandora, how was it watching the one you love be so seriously injured in front of you


Charlie: I'm an entertaining monster, now watch as I kill her right in front of you, I'm sure this will make you laugh.

Daniel actually stopped touching up Pandora upon hearing that, and watched in horror as Charlie put the knife through Sapphire's chest, ending her life.

Charlie: Come on Daniel, we're leaving.

The two left, Pandora still tied up and Sapphire dead.

Pandora cried for hours, trying to break free. Eventually the rope untied itself and she got out, she ran over to Sapphire, she was absolutely destroyed.

From the top of her long brown curly hair to the bottom of her feet she lay lifeless, she had a hole between her small breasts, where the knife had entered, killing Pandora's only friend and only love.

Pandora feared the police would think she did it, so she didn't call them, she sat naked hugging her best friend for hours.

It was almost school time again, and Pandora came up with a plan to get revenge no matter the consequences.

She showered away the blood, put on her uniform and hid the same knife which killed Sapphire in her pockets.

She arrived at school and waited for Gym class, second period, where she would find Charlie. She wanted to embarrass Charlie as much as possible with her own two hands before eventually killing her, she didn't even consider swapping to gym wear and was wearing the standard school skirt and shirt.

Charlie was stood near some weights, Pandora ran at her knocking her to the ground.

Charlie: What the fu-

Pandora sat herself on Charlie's face, and pulled her legs up, Charlie's soon-to-be-exposed ass facing the gym.

Pandora then grabbed Charlie's shorts and announced to the gym "Ready for a full moon?" before pulling up the shorts and the panties, revealing her junk to everyone, who broke out into laughter.

Charlie rolled over knocking Pandora down, Charlie pulled up her shorts and ran at Pandora, hoping to completely expose her to the gym, not at all aware that she would soon die.

Charlie ran at Pandora and slid under her, between her legs and grabbed her panties from under her skirt, tearing them into two, but not revealing anything.

This made Pandora even more angry, she punched Charlie, knocking her down, she tried tearing away her gym shirt but it was too thick, Charlie responded by kicking Pandora in the crotch, she fell to the ground in pain.

Charlie got on top of Pandora

Charlie: You are going to regret everything!

Charlie tore away Pandora's shirt, breaking all its buttons off, before then pulling down her skirt, Pandora trying to fight her off, but she is too strong.

Pandora stood in front of the class in just a bra, her knife was in her bag, she didn't want to risk bringing it in until she had fully embarrassed Charlie first. Charlie stepped towards Pandora, attempting to grab at her bra and tear it off of her.

Pandora regretted not using her mind powers against Charlie, but it was too late now, she had been seen almost completely naked by the whole Gym class. She wondered where the teacher is, surely the teacher would help. But as it turns out, the teacher hadn't even arrived for the day, Pandora might be on her own, everyone else in the class hated her for her exposing pranks and now they wanted her to pay.

Pandora ran into the locker room and put on her gym gear before everyone followed, she hid the knife in her pocket, she has one more chance.

Pandora ran outside into the field, where only Charlie followed. Pandora remembered what Charlie had done, she wasn't doing this just to embarrass her, this was to avenge Sapphire!

Pandora pulled out the knife and ran at Charlie, stabbing it through her throat. Everyone watched on in horror, but nobody called the police, everyone turned and left. Pandora's embarrassment had turned to anger, she controlled everyone, getting them to just ignore this.

Charlie fell to the floor while Pandora took away everything she was wearing, leaving her to be seen by anyone who passed by.

Pandora went home and got some rest, wishing that the past two days could have just never happened.
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