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brief snippets of Oswald's backstory in my current series.
         Oswald- son of Osrick, Chief of the mighty Berserker Tribe. As a lad, Oswald was an excitable, curious youth. More excitable than curious, perhaps, but he fit in quite well with other Vikings that way. As a young chief well, not much changed, really. Filled with enthusiasm and the romance of conquest, Oswald quickly earned his epithet. 'Oswald the Antagonistic,' they called him, and he loved it. Not that he'd ever admit as much to your face: it's so much more fun to believe that everything, and I do mean everything, is an insult.

         And so began the reign of Oswald the Antagonistic, Chief of the Berserkers. In truth, although he never let on, the lifestyle of endless sparring and feuding, while fun at first, grew boring to the Berserker Chief. He longed for true companionship: trusted friends and a beloved companion. He was, ironically, so enthused with the persona of a true Berserker Chief he had built for himself, however, that he almost missed his chance at the life he truly desired.

         One day, the warriors of Berk and Berkeyja found themselves raiding the same village (not even worthy of a name to the raiders)... at the same time. And it was in this battle that Oswald met... her. One of the Berkian raiders caught his eye as soon as he saw her: Magnhild Hofferson, a beauty with an axe, who happened to be a beauty with that axe. Oswald was in love the moment he saw her, and so, of course, the first words out of her mouth;

"Hey! I stole that!"

were responded to in typically 'Antagonistic' form.

"Yeah, well, maybe next time you shouldn't try to steal something I might want- it's kind of insulting: you thinking you could have first choice of the plunder when a great Berserker Chief is there."

And yet he seemed honestly surprised when she laughed in his face, and stole the plundered item back.

         And so began the greatest romance story in history, at least, as far as Oswald was concerned. He chased Magnhild for years before she surrendered to his enthusiastic pursuit... and led him around by the nose for at least some of them. Eventually, however, Magnhild did marry Oswald. A much tamer, kinder Oswald, more interested in friendship than feuding. He was still a mighty, enthusiastic warrior, don't get me wrong, but he did not so readily make enemies of his friends. Partially in response to this change in behavior, and partially because of a quip from Magnhild, Oswald's epithet was changed, from 'Antagonistic' to 'Agreeable.'

         A few years later, Oswald the 'Agreeable' found himself waiting in nervous agony as his wife's screams competed with the sound of crashing thunder. At midnight, during a terrible Skrill-storm of thunder and thunderless lightning, their son was born. Dagur, who would eventually be known as 'Dagur the Deranged,' more fearsome by far than any of his ancestors.
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