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Flabstack is a quick game blending rules taken from Blackjack, Crazy 8's and Poker!
What to Know About Flabstack

Flabstack is a quick 2-player card game utilizing a standard 52-card deck blending elements of Blackjack, Crazy 8's and Poker. A game of Flabstack doesn't necessarily have to involve gambling.

How to Play Flabstack

Dealing: Dealer deals 5 cards to both players.

Stack: The Stack is a pile on the table shared by both players. The non-dealer player goes 1st by playing the card from their hand with the lowest face value (Ace minimum) onto the Stack; if the player has multiple suits of that face value in their hand, the non-dealer player chooses which suit to play onto the Stack.

Turns: Play continues with the dealer who may play a card with the next highest face value of that suit or they may play the same face value of a different suit and change the suit on the Stack. The game continues until one player has no more available moves and loses, causing another round to be played. A player who plays a King on the other hand automatically wins the whole game and no more rounds will be played!

Flab: When both players finish a round the dealer discards all cards played on the Stack to the discard pile called a Flab. Then both players discard all remaining cards in their hand to the Flab. The dealer deals 5 more cards to both players. The deck is treated in a manner similar to Blackjack, meaning the dealer keeps dealing through the deck until eventually all playable cards are maxed out and are inside the Flab.

Examples of Flabstack

Circumstance: Circumstances that you may encounter in Flabstack.

For example:

1. Neither a player nor their opponent may play a card onto the Stack that is lower in face value than what is currently on the Stack.

2. Both players take turns playing the same suit on the Stack as much as possible unless they have the same face value in their hand that is currently on the Stack, which they may then change the suit of the Stack if they'd like to do so.

3. A player loses when they cannot make any more plays. A player wins though if the lowest card they can play is a King, which they automatically win after playing it on the Stack!
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