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Set in the Paw Patrol universe. Skye, eats a pie, which over time, causes her to grow!
Background Information: This takes place in the Paw Patrol universe. Paw Patrol is a kids show that takes place in a seaside town called Adventure Bay, which is near Adventure City, and Foggy Bottom. There is a big tower, called the Lookout Tower, with a big slide going around it where a ten year old boy named Ryder, has a team of talking pups, which each have strengths that link to a service.

Marshall, a Dalmatian, is the fire pup and is the role of firefighter in the town. Rubble, an English Bulldog, is the construction pup. Chase, a German Shepherd, is the police dog, (though he don't arrest people, partly because nobody is committing crimes), Rocky, is a mix of a Schnauzer and a Scotish Terrier, is sort of like the recycling pup, bit knows how to fix stuff a little better than the others. Zuma, a Chocolate Labrador Retriever, is the water pup, involved in water rescues. Skye, a female cockapoo, (also known as a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix), is the aviation pup, she has a jetpack and a helicopter.

Those are the main six pups, others come in from time to time, but for 90% of the show, it is just those six. The mayor of Foggy Bottom, is not very nice, his name is Mayor Humdimger, and for this story, plays a big role. Well, I think that, that is enough you need to know to understand this story!

The Giant Skye!

It was a normal day in Adventure Bay for the pups and Ryder. The sun was out and the pups were playing with a Frisbee, while Ryder was in the Lookout Tower, seeing about how much dog food and dog treats were left, so he knew when to buy more. He was also setting a board game up for everyone to play.

"This is fun!" Chase said.

"Nice catch, Skye!" Said Rubble.

All of a sudden, Ryder called them to the Lookout because someone need rescuing! The pups raced into the elevator (which somehow magically suits them up in their rescuing gear.) And headed up to where Ryder was, at the top of the Tower in front of the big screen, which shows them what they need to do, and who is in need of rescuing.

The pups all line up in a line as Chase says, "Ready for action, Ryder, sir!"

Ryder explained that Captain Turbot (the captain of his one-manned ship) accidentally left his ship untied at the dock and now it is floating away.

"Zuma, I need you to go out in your hovercraft with Chase and his winch, hook up the winch on the rope and tow it back to the dock!" Ryder explained

"Let's dive in!" Zuma says.

"Chase is on the case!" Chase says.

The two pups go down the slide that deposits them in their vehicles, and they head for the docks.

The four pups still at the Lookout Tower (Marshall, Rubble, Rocky, and Skye) talk about the pie competition at the bakery last week and how they stopped Mayor Humdinger of nearby Foggy Bottom, from eating everybody else's pies when they were not looking, so his was the only pie in the competition, so he could win by default! He only was able to eat one pie before he was stopped, and that was Skye's. Skye didn't get to enjoy her pie as everyone else did theirs. (Though the other pups shared their pies with Skye)

"Thank you again for sharing your pies with me!" Skye said.

The other pups assures her it was no big deal.

Meanwhile, in Foggy Bottom, inside of Mayor Humdinger's lair.

"I have done it! As soon as this finishes in the pot, the rare Bostavia fruit, four drops of water, no more, no less, and two cucumbers, I can put it in this pie, and Voila! A shrinking potion lemon pie! And I can test it on Skye! It will shrink her over time in shrinking spurts, and if it works, I can make the whole Paw Patrol eat it, then I can take over Adventure Bay!" exclaimed Humdinger.

He has six cats, though they can't talk, but they have similar abilities as the Paw Patrol, save for vehicles, and the cats use their abilities for bad.

One of the cats jumps to where the pot is, and seven hairs falls off and falls into the pot. Mayor Humdinger didn't think it was a big deal, but, he didn't know that the growing potion, (Which makes the drinker grow over time, in spurts.) had the same recipe as the shrinking potion, but with one difference, there was the addition of seven cat hairs.

"Ah, it's done!" The Mayor exclaimed.

He put it in the lemon pie he made, and started out the door and headed for Adventure Bay.

The two pups and Ryder, were still not back, so the other four were talking when the doorbell rang. They went to the door to see, of all people, Mayor Humdinger!

"Skye, I am sorry I ate your pie last week, so I made you one, not a big one, just one that is just big enough for one pup." Mayor Humdinger explained.

"Well, thank you Mayor Humdinger! I will enjoy it!" Skye said.

"I gotta go home now! Bye!" Humdinger said, leaving.

"Bye!" all four pups said.

Right as he was gone, Ryder, Zuma, and Chase returned.

"Mayor Humdinger stopped by, and apologized for eating Skye's pie last week, and he gave her another pie." Rubble explained to the three that just arrived back.

"Well, that was nice of him!" Ryder said.

Skye ate her pie and nobody else thought nothing of it.

Now, Skye is about 1 foot tall, and the smallest pup on the team. But in hour later she grew three inches and was now the same size as every other pup.

"Hey, Rubble, is it just me or does Skye look a little bigger to you?" Chase asked Rubble.

"Yeah, Chase, she is the same size as us, but an hour ago, she wasn't!" The two told Ryder, who told the rest of the pups, including Skye, and they all met together in the top room, where Ryder told the pups the Captain Turbot's boat floated away just a couple hours ago.

"Skye, you look like you have grown!" Ryder says.

"I know, and I don't know why!" Skye responds.

To everyone's amazement, at that moment she began to grow again!

She grew from 1 foot and 3 inches to 1 foot and 6 inches. Now Ryder is about as tall as the average 10 year old, being 4 foot and 6 inches tall, but he fears that Skye's growing, may make her taller than he is!

"Whoa! What in the world?" The other pups said.

"We need to get to the bottom of this!" Ryder says.

The ceiling for the top floor is 10 feet, same for the bottom floor and the elevator. So unless Skye's growth spurts get bigger, then she should still be able to fit in the Lookout for at least a little bit, but to be on the safe side, everybody went down to the ground floor.

"This is no normal growth spurt! Maybe this is an allergic reaction, or something?" Ryder said. As smart as Ryder was, he had never encountered something like this before.

"Maybe it was some type of flea that bit you or something like that?" Zuma tried. Nobody knew what to do. They eventually decide that if she grew again, they were taking her to the vet to see if the vet knew what was going on.

Not even a good 15 minutes later, as everyone was thinking. Skye grew again, but she didn't just grow 3 inches, she grew 6! That made her 2 feet tall, which made her bigger that an adult dog of her breed!

"Okay, Come on everybody, we are going to the vet!" Ryder said.

At the vet, they had to wait for the three dogs on the list ahead of them, which took 90 minutes. During the end of the wait, Skye grew again, another 6 inches, (making her now 2 foot, 6 inches tall) much to the amazement of everyone else in the waiting room.

They finally get to Skye and right away the vet can see that Skye had grown a foot and a half since she had last saw her. (Which was 4 days ago)

"Well, Skye, you could likely have gigantism! But I can't cure it. I wish I could send you out with a fix, but for the first time, I don't have one." The vet explained apologetically.

The pups went back to the look out and the saw that during the ride home, Skye had another growth spurt. She had grown another 6 inches, making her 3 feet tall! That made her taller than an average adult Great Dane!

As scared as the rest of the pups were and even Ryder was starting to worry a little. Skye was the most scared, because she was the one growing!

"I am going to be honest with you, I am really scared right now, and I want to be back to normal! Skye said.

Everyone else assured Skye that they were by her side, no matter how big she may get! By now it was almost dark, and everyone went to bed. Ryder in his bed, and the pups, in their pup houses. Everyone slept exactly 9 hours that night, which was time enough for Skye to grow 4 times during the night, 6 inches apiece. So she grew 2 feet during the night, making her 5 feet tall, and a half foot taller than Ryder!

Skye attempted to get out of her pup house, hoping that yesterday's events was just a weird dream, but the bump of her head on the way out, reminded her that that was reality.

All the pups and Ryder came out on the lawn and saw that Skye had grown during the night.

" Oh my!" Chase said.

"You're taller!" Marshall said, stating the obvious.

"You almost doubled in height from the end of yesterday to now!" Rubble said.

"We need to find a fix, and quick!" Ryder exclaimed.

At that point, Skye began to grow again. But this time, her spurt had doubled! She grew a full foot and was now 6 feet tall, by this point she is taller than basically all the humans in Adventure Bay.

"Ryder, I'm scared!" Skye said. Now, Skye is pretty brave, she has done a lot of scary stuff without showing much fear, but this was too much for Skye.

Ryder called the vet, this time not scheduling an appointment, but explained that Skye was now 6 feet tall. Same thing, no cure.

"Skye, try flying as high as you can! Maybe the cooler air could fix something! Try flying for about an hour!" Zuma suggested.

By this point, Skye could not fit in her helicopter, but her jetpack still fit, so she flew for an hour, but instead of coming down as the 1 foot tall pup she was normally, she came down a foot taller, too big for her jetpack now, and she is 7 feet tall. That is taller than the average NBA player!

"Skye, I'm so sorry I thought, it would work!" Zuma said apologetically.

Skye decided to use her height to her advantage, and gave rides to the pups, but stopped when she grew again, another foot, to make her 8 feet tall. taller than the tallest NBA player in history.

"Try relaxing on the beach, maybe the beach air can make something happen." Rubble suggested.

They all went to the beach, and a lot of people were surprised to see that Skye was that tall, but most thought it was okay. They didn't ask questions when they saw the worried look on the pup's faces. They stayed for 2 hours, but nothing happened, but they at least had fun. On they way back though, Skye grew again, but not only that, the spurt doubled again! She grew another 2 feet, making her 10 feet tall. When they got back to the Lookout Tower, Skye began crying.

Marshall, while he may be clumsy, said some words that comforted Skye greatly. "Skye, you are still the same Skye inside, even if you are bigger on the outside. We will always be your friends no matter what." Marshall's words actually stopped Skye from crying.

"Thank you all so much for being here for me!" Skye said. Skye then wrapped everyone into a group hug.

As she let go, she grew another two feet, but she seemed less worried, even when she was now 12 feet tall. The reason is because of the pups and Ryder being here for her.

Meanwhile in Foggy Bottom, in Mayor Humdinger's lair.

"Now kittens, I am going to see if the potion shrank Skye!" Humdinger said to his six cats. During the hour it took him to get there, Skye grew another two feet. Making her 14 feet tall.

Now Ryder and the pups were in the back lawn, so Humdinger didn't see them when he rang the doorbell around front.

Ryder was able to hear the doorbell, so he walked around front.

"Hi, I just wanted to see how you were all doing!" Mayor Humdinger said.

"Oh, Skye is kinda in a size predicament, but we are doing okay-ish right now." Ryder explained.

Mayor Humdinger tried to hide his joy, by size predicament, he thought he meant shrinking, not growing like Skye actually was.

"Again!?!" They could hear Skye exclaim from around back. Skye was growing another two feet, making her 16 feet tall.

They went around back, and Mayor Humdinger's mouth fell open. This was not what he expected!

"The potion didn't work?" Humdinger exclaimed.

"What do you mean?" Ryder asked.

Mayor Humdinger knew, if he said, then there would be a certain 16 foot tall pup not happy at him, but he had already said too much.

"The pie I gave her yesterday, I put a potion into it, it was supposed to shrink her, but now that I think about it, those seven cat hairs, could have changed up the potion." Mayor Humdinger explained.

"So, you are responsible for making me this big? The one who made me more scared then I ever had been in my life? I am not that happy with you, Humdinger!" Skye said with the smallest touch of anger in it, not much, just a little.

All this excitement had caused her to grow again, but the spurt doubled again! She grow 4 feet, making her 20 feet tall!

"I know! What if you made the potion again, but this time, made sure to not let the cat shed into the potion?" Rocky suggested.

So that is what he did, he went to his lair, and he began to make a lemon pie and the potion. But it takes quite a while to bake a pie and make a potion. It took him 3 hours to get the pie and potion and get back to the Lookout Tower with the pie He had used the last of his stock of the rare Bostavia fruit to make it.

Skye had grown again while he was gone. She grew another four feet, making her 24 feet tall!

Humdinger gave Skye the pie, but before she ate it, Mayor Humdinger asked her for her forgiveness. Skye forgave him, then she ate the pie. The potion worked instantly, and within a minute, she was back to the one foot tall pup we all know and love.

Mayor Humdinger promised to stop experimenting with potions, and then he went back to his lair in Foggy Bottom.The pups began playing like nothing happened.

From time to time, they like to talk about the time Skye was taller than Ryder! Thus ends this story. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this!
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