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TSE Hiccup and Snotlout split coping w/villagers. They tell each other “You Owe Me.”
Terrible terrors were singing on the rooftop when Snotlout came to breakfast. He hadn’t rushed to get up. Good looks like his required a lot of beauty rest and a detailed grooming routine, both of which took time. There was always food available at Uncle Stoick’s; it would be fine.

Hiccup’s empty bowl was in front of him. Snotlout’s cousin was staring at a piece of parchment, and never seemed as if he’d heard Snotlout. Hiccup was probably dreaming up some new piece of insanity. That’s what Hiccup was. If he didn’t have Snotlout around to look after him, he’d daydream himself into disaster.

Of course, Hiccup’s dragon helped a little. Not a lot, but Toothless did save Hiccup’s life twice in one day. The business with Toothless guarding his cousin during his coma was pretty cool, and the whole “best dragon and rider on Berk” deserved some credit. Without Snotlout, though, everything fell apart.

“Porridge again? We had that yesterday. You and Uncle Stoick need to step up and buy some better groceries.” Snotlout grabbed a bowl and ladled porridge into it. “I can’t live on this.”

“Good morning, Snotlout.” Hiccup pushed his bowl to one side. “Glad to see you haven’t gone into a coma.”

“Nah, that’s your job.” He scraped the bottom of the pot, and poured honey over the mound of food. Man, there wasn’t even any fruit. These guys had no idea how big a breakfast Snotlout required. Hiccup had better fix that.

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