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Can I ask you a question? for Daily Flash
One day Sam Adams a foreign service officer working at the State Department building in Foggy Bottom, Washington DC got on the elevator on the floor to go to the 6th floor for a meeting. There were only two people in the elevator, himself and a young college-age woman who he assumed was an intern due to her casual dress. He nodded at her and then continued to look at his cell phone.

He looked up and noticed that the elevator was going beyond the 9th floor and was headed to the 30th floor which was very strange because the state department's top floor was the 9th floor. He had no idea what was happening but it was very strange. He spoke to the girl and pointed it out to her and she said

“Wow, that's weird. My name is Maria Lee, she said.

“I’m Sam Adams, Korea desk.”

“Oh I am an intern in EB and I am Korean-American. Nice to meet you.”

the elevator came to a stop on the 30th floor and they stepped outside and found themselves on top of a hill in a small town. They walked out and down into town wondering what the hell had happened and where they were, and speculating what was going on and entered the town.

Pretty soon they ended up in a busy part of town and she got separated from him. He looked for her for a while but couldn't find her in the crowd so Sam wandered around town and went into a restaurant cafeteria, and noticed a few things. The prices were all in U.S. dollars, and very cheap, a cup of coffee was one dollar, and nothing cost more than ten dollars. Everybody was speaking English but with a strange accent and it seemed like it was an American city but subtly different. For one thing, there were no TVs anywhere, and were using smartphones anywhere.
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