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by green
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a fantasy lesson
The Meanest Kid on the Block

         Billy Joe Green with his spiky red hair and freckles, was the meanest kid on the block. He pulled his sister's hair. He stepped on his dog's tail. He pushed his best friend down. He even poked holes in his mother's pies.

         One day as Billy Joe Green sat on his front steps, a bright blue bubble appeared in front of him and POPPED! Out stepped a tiny blue man in a tiny blue suit with a tiny blue hat and tiny blue tassels on his tiny blue shoes.

         "Why are you so mean, Billy Joe Green?" He asked.

         "It's fun." Billy Joe Green answered.

         "When you are mean, you make people sad." Replied the tiny blue man. He threw blue powder all over Billy Joe Green and said,

         "Every time you do something mean,
         Your legs will grow tall and lean."

         And Poof! The tiny blue man disappeared.

         Billy Joe Green picked up a rock and threw it at a birdhouse, hanging from a tree.

         His legs tingled. When he looked down, he saw them, shooting out of his shorts. Now he was as tall as his dad. But Billy Joe Green wasn't upset. This way he could cross the street in one giant step.

         The other kids pointed at Billy Joe Green, laughing. Going next door, Billy Joe Green pulled up all his neighbor's prize roses.

         His legs tingled. Looking down, his legs were so long, he couldn't see his feet.

         Scared, Billy Joe Green started crawling to his house. He tried to crawl up the steps but his legs wouldn't fit. What was he going to do?

         Then he heard a tiny voice in his ear, "Be nice", and a wee puff of blue smoke drifted past him.

         He twisted and turned his long legs until he was into the kitchen. He saw his mother washing dishes.

         Billy Joe Green asked, "Mom, I want to help."

         His mother handed him a towel. She watched in amazement as Billy Joe Green dried the dishes. He felt the familiar tingling in his legs but, this time, it felt good. He looked at his legs. They were shorter.

         Billy Joe Green spent the rest of the day, being nice. He helped his dad wash the car. He played house with his sister. He raked all the leaves in the yard. He took his dog for a walk.

         By bedtime, Billy Joe Green's legs were back to normal. But, sometimes, he wanted to be mean. Remembering the tiny blue man's warning, he did something nice instead.

         Billy Joe Green turned into the nicest kid on the block.

Word count 442

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