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Ghosts, flops and another family sit-com
This season was filled with hit shows, but on the whole was a slow season when it came to new hits.

Make Room for Daddy” premiered on Tuesday night, featuring Danny Thomas as a nightclub singer who had a wife and two children. Unlike other sit-coms of the time, Danny lost his wife after several seasons but remarried, carrying the show on through to 1964. It was a pleasant enough show, but fairly tame in comparison to its comic predecessors.

The Jean Carroll Show” debuted in November. The trouble was that Jean usually starred in supporting roles as the plucky friend, but one whose lack of charisma and charm kept audiences from warming up to her. The show was canceled after two months.

Topper,” on the other hand was a delight, despite the fact that it only lasted two seasons. Leo G. Carroll stars as Cosmo Topper, a new homeowner who discovers all too soon that his house is being haunted by the former tenants: Marion Kerby (played by Anne Jeffries), George Kerby (Robert Sterling), and Neil (their alcoholic St. Bernard). The three were killed in a skiing accident, then returned to their former abode, where they are making Cosmo’s life miserable- for Topper is the only person who can see said ghosts.

The show, based on a 1937 film by the same name, has its moments, due in large part to Jeffries and Sterling, who are perfectly cast as the smart-alecs who take turns playing tricks on Cosmo, but occasionally get him out of scrapes of his own making. For his part, Carroll is good as the put-upon homeowner, trying but always failing to convince his wife and others that there are ghosts on the loose in his home.

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