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I took inspiration from a story I saw on DeviantArt and making it longer
(almond and walnut get a case of a disaster happening at the fair)

Walnut cookie: (walking with almond) hey dad....what do you think the problem is here?

Almond cookie: I don't really know...but they did mention it has to do with the food court. We'll see when we get to the scene.

(When they arrive...a bunch of cookies with big bellies where panicking and running around)

Walnut cookie: I did not expect this...

Almond cookie: (walks up to one of the cookies) what happened here?

Citizen cookie: I went to get a snack from the food court and then this happened to me!

Walnut cookie: wow....your belly is big

Citizen cookie: (blushed)

Almond cookie: that was probably not the right thing to say walnut...

Walnut cookie: sorry.

(So the two searched for clues to figure out the case but then suddenly)

Walnut cookie: (stomach rumbles) I knew I shoulda had breakfast today...hey dad! I'm hungry! Can we please go get a snack?

Almond cookie: sure. We should take a break from this anyways...

(They went to a ice cream cart somewheres away from the case)

Ice cream cart cookie: hello! What would you like today?

Almond cookie: what do you want walnut?

Walnut cookie: can I have the purple and green popsicle right there?

Ice cream cart cookie: sof course! (Grabs a popsicle) here you go young lady

Walnut cookie: (receives the popsicle) thanks! (Walks away with almond licking the popsicle)

Ice cream cart cookie: little do they know that popsicle has a surprising filling...(laughs quietly)

Almond cookie: hey walnut...I'm gonna go ask more of the citizens for details on the case...you just wait here for me with that treat of yours...(walks away)

Walnut cookie: alright bye! (Licks the popsicle again) wow this is really good. (Starts biting the popsicle and eventually finished it) mmm...that tastes great! ( Her belly began to growl loudly) huh? (Her belly growls louder and louder and eventually begins to expand forward) w-what!? What going on!? (Her belly continued to swell up walnut uses her hands to try t stop it but it won't) s-stop! (Her belly had swelled to the size of a exercise ball) AHHHHHHH!!

Almond cookie: (heard her daughter scream) walnut!? Don't worry I'm coming! (Arrives at walnuts location) what happened?

Walnut: d-dad! (Turns around with her huge belly sticking out of her detective uniform) what happened to me!?

Almond: n-no not you too!

Walnut cookie: i-im so big! Am I....AM I GONNA EXPLODE!?

Almond cookie: c-calm down! Your not gonna explode. Please just calm dow...wow you might be bigger than any of the citizens...

Walnut cookie: DAD! Your not helping!

Almond cookie: sorry! Look I'll go have a chat with the ice cream cart guy (walks over to the ice cream cart. The guy was missing) what...

Walnut cookie: where...where did he go?

Almond cookie: I guess I'm not talking to him...look I'm sorry walnut I didn't know this would happen...

Walnut cookie: it's ok. I forgive y...(belly gurgles and bubbles) eek! (Pulls her shirt over her belly) that was embarrassing...

Almond cookie: you were gonna say you forgive me right?

Walnut cookie yes...

Almond cookie: thank you. I think I should get you home.

Walnut cookie: yeah I wanna go home too...I don't want anyone to rag on me for looking fat...

(So almond sent walnut home...walnut went to her room and looks in her mirror...seeing how big her belly was...she wondered if this would go away...but she didn't know it was permanent and needs medicine to treat it...but for now she stayed in her room where she's safe from bullies...her belly still gurgles every now and then... And she is embarrassed about it e N d)

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