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Sunday Morning Reflections On Life
The Burden of Being Right

Being right is lonely because of many reasons. Sometimes, if you are better read than the people around you, you arouse envy. People can't digest that you are equipped with facts and blessed with the ability to win arguments. This makes you lonely and you may even regret taking the pain to enhance your knowledge level. At other times, you are right because you speak the truth, and people dislike hearing the truth. This breed does not consciously want to be right, for reasons like appreciation & fame. They are just programmed to speak the truth and suffer the consequences. Loneliness in this case is the by-product of a frank nature. Being right is a burden. I would rather be wrong and feel normal than live in an ethereal world of objectivity and truth. Besides, it is difficult to be consistently right. No one, at any point in time, knows everything. Even the most accomplished of scholars know that they are yet to sail in some areas of the vast ocean of knowledge.

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