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Earth Quits Spinning
Earth Quits Spinning Writers’ Cramp

One day
The world as we knew it
Ended .

The earth suddenly
Stopped spinning
Stopped rotating.

Half of the earth
Was in perpetual sunshine
One half in perpetual darkness
Like on the moon
The sunlit realms
Europe, Asia and Africa
Were hot as hell
And humid as well.

With monster storms
Barely cutting the heat
But people were able to live
Their lifes as before.

The dark side
The Americas
Was dark and cold
Always way below freezing.

As a new ice age began
Within years.

Most of the dark side
Of the earth
Was covered by glaciers.

But on the upside
No more wild fires out west.
And the massive drought ended.

It took a few years to adjust
But people did eventually
Learn to live in the constant darkness
Living in underground cities.

Write a story or poem about what happens when one day the sun refuses to go down.

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