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by Aves
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This poem is about the sky at night my words could never describe its beauty but here goes
I've had lots of friends,
And alot of company.
Yet i dont think any single one of them
Has ever truly listened to me.
But there is this friend that i have,
So unique and rare.
If i needed company,
I know that he'd be there.
The moon;
A friend of mine that hides from me alot,
Yet always comes around.
Every start of the month i lose him,
But midway through he gets found.
A precious friend he nevertheless is, lifting me up when i'm down,
Dead silent is the night yet his light has a sound...
The sound of tranquility, peace to the mind.
I look at the moon and he stares back at me- how kind.
The clouds float and float until they finally meet,
Covering his delicate face
Pouring their tears out all over the streets.
I listen to the sound of gushing delight,
Sounds that are truly just one of a kind.
I close my eyes and slowly doze off to sleep,
And hope in my dreams the moon and i will meet.

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