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by Aves
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why live harsh reality when you can fantasies about whatever you wish your life was?
I dont fall in love with people,
I am not a fan of reality.
Every person i meet,
Is another character in my fantasy.
A world that i've built, deep inside my head
Kept safe from any kind of hurt or regret.
A world where nothing is genuine,
Nothing is true.
A world where pain is non-existent,
Where nothing is left to lose.
You try your best to break me to pieces,
You give it your all to make me cry.
You think you can destroy me so easily,
But not at all does it ruin my life
You dear, are an actor
In one miserable show.
so really it does not surprise me,
That you always long to go.
But actors can be replaced ,
There is an audience to satisfy.
Sure, they'll be missed by the crowd
But the show still has to survive.
I don't fall in love with people,
I fall in love with fantasies
People will leave me shattered
But my fantasies will always stay with me.
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