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by Aves
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A bright star and a dim one, which am i?
I couldn't sleep the other night. I stayed up the whole time staring out the window. I noticed two stars; one was the brightest in the sky,all the way up there,very white and big in size.The kind people refer to when talking about fame. The other however was the complete opposite. It was right infront of my window, small in size, tiny compared to the former star and dim, very very dim. Being complete opposites they were still awfully similar. They both looked so lonely in a humongous sky, both their lights were gone when a group of clouds passed by them, and they both had their moments of dimness. But when the clouds passed one would shine so bright lighting up a whole portion of the sky, whilst the other only lit up its close surroundings. I thought to myself, which type of star are you? The one that is bright itself and lights others up, or the dim one that barely has any light itself? I left my room for a while, and when i came back, i saw that the dim star was gone. It was gone, and in its place were a bunch of other stars. I looked up trying to find the brighter star and to my surprise it was much dimmer than before, smaller and it seemed like it was even worse than the dim star of earlier. With the dim star gone, the bright star was nothing. Though there were dozens of other stars in the position it was, it wasn't the same. So i realized that the answer to the question i was asking myself wasn't as black and white as i thought it would be. I finally came to the conclusion (right before the break of dawn) that i want to be that dim star that was there as a source of company and light for the bright star and independent of any light source myself.What a long and tiring day the next day was!
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