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How a farmer works. The work of a farmer is not easy, you have to face many difficulties.
Some say farming is a skill
But I think it is a talent
Spinning the ground
Smashing the soil
Crushing the land
It’s a God-given knowledge indeed

The farmer never chooses their Jembe
Small or big the depth has to be reached
Old or new the weeds have to salute the master
Time never matters,
Always is ready for the work
It is the call, profession that never washed away

A perfect farmer always is jealousy
Never likes sharing the land out
But it is funny, they can give service elsewhere
Can steal someone’s else farm
For their own, it is like walking into a den
The farmer is always the farmer

Teachers grow old and retire
Doctors grow old and take a rest from their career
Priests grow old and get weak in their mission
Farmers the older they are, the more experienced
Tender grounds seeking for old grown farmer
Some say it is because of fertilizer, but farmers never get old

Farming is the basic and primary work in this world
Farming brings life into the life
Farming chase away stress
Farming needs no degree; a God-given gift
Disagree and say no, but answer me this,
Who taught you to tilt, screw, smash, crush and weed the farm?
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