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The Heart’s Confusion for Writer's Cramp
The Heart’s Confusion

26 lines

Sam Adams
First met his wife
In a dream.

One day she came to him
Soon entangled in his life

He dreamed of meeting her
For eight long years
He waited for her.

He traveled to the ends
Of the world to find her
In South Korea.

The dream never obscure
The intend was clear
There was no confusionday,n his heart.

One day they would meet
It was just the operation
Of cosmic karmic fate.

Then one date
A date he would always remember
She walked out of his dreams.

Into his life
Becoming his wife
He met his soul mate
The day he embraced his fate,

Based on my true love story.

: entangled, obscure, intend

Write a story or poem
* with the title "The Heart's Confusion". Make sure the title is relevant/meaningful/appropriate to the piece.
* and using anywhere in the text the words: entangled, obscure, intend. Remember to make them bold to help your judge!

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