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Doubt about Absolute Truth has never been part of my heart since Dad taught me His Name.
He preached of Christ throughout his days
from when Salvation touched his heart.
He could not let the subject lay,
until he knew he'd done his part.

To church he took me my birth week.
He wanted me this Christ to seek.
"For God so loved this whole wide world, that gave He did His Only Son,
that whoso trusted in His Name, would never die, that soul'd be won.

"For Jesus loves me. This I know.
The Blessed Bible tells me so.
The little ones now sing this song
to learn the Truth, and shun the wrong.

Dad taught me, that John 3:16 could point to Christ, Who'd save my soul,
and "Jesus Loves Me" filled my heart. I'd sing its words, by Him made whole.
He'd preach the Truth each Sunday same, and live each day to teach The Word.
When six years old the Savior came to harvest Truth so often heard.

Dad worked assorted other jobs a teacher, and a salesman, too,
but though he turned these other knobs Salvation's message burned still true.
His focus was forever far, "The souls of Earth must know this Christ."
The day, he died with life on par 'twas known he'd spoke of saving's price.

This deed was learned some days, then hence, as brother mine solaced our Mom.
A funeral dress was needed, whence they shopped, and tidings spoke there some.
The clerk, who helped Mom find her dress was wife to the man Dad preached his last
for in their home, he'd hoped to bless the man. God's Gift makes sin be past.

He preached to me throughout our lives
from my first cry, 'til his last breath.
Now, preaching is my daily drive,
until I close my eyes in death.

I did not learn much about cars,
but fishing, and to mow the yard,
these things he taught, and those by far,
that living life 'twouldn't be so hard.

Dad showed me Life is breathed and gone.
Eternity is where we live.
What matters are the lives Christ won
through the seeds we've sown in the words we give.

To preach it now is the baton he passed.
For souls, I pray, "Become redeemed."
This Truth received will ever last.
Christ's Life is salvation more than we've dreamed.

Lines: 40

Prompt 2: Do you know what kinds of jobs your ancestors did? Were they rich or poor? Were they descended from royalty and born into luxury, or did they struggle to make a living? Did this career pass from father to son, from generation to generation? Are you still doing it now?

by Jay O’Toole
on June 22nd, 2022

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