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My thoughts on how we overcome illogical thought to produce something more reasonable
Rise and fall
Tragedy and triumph
We romanticize the development
Of anarchic social experiments

Who was shot on the corner of 5th and main?
Did that embargo strain the wealthy in vain?
Or did insanity just become main stream?
It seems we’re all a part of the dying party

Where have our leaders gone?
Why must every moment be sensational?
When did the big picture become a tweet?
We’ve defeated ourselves on all coasts

Think deep of the problems at hand
Don’t waiver in the midst of infinite clicks
The reality you seek immerses your existence
You just need not ignore it anymore

Thinking yielding questions of what’s said
Balancing the equation of intent and action
Seeking a tone of hope and compassion
Lasting more than a moment, lingering eternally

We need to come together
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