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Married on June 1st, 1958 Dad & Mom celebrated in the Presence of the Lord those 64 years.
So many years ago they wed
to start a life of bliss.
Though anger turned their faces red,
they'd soon make-up and kiss.

The storybook was never theirs?
Those tales are ne'er the best.
They loved and sometimes "put on airs,"
but honest words were blest.

They brought two sons into the world
to serve Christ through each day.
God's Word they all as a flag unfurled
is preached in all they say.

My Dad and Mom they breathed their last,
and now before the Throne
to worship Christ both longed to know
through life's oft creaks and groans.

Await they do their sons to come
with family all in tow
when e'er they'll know the part and sum
of seeds, the Lord did sow.

word count: 126
line count: 20
the prompt: Topic #1 - Please pick a Holiday or Occasion from the country you are from this month and write a poem about it.

by Jay O’Toole
on June 29th, 2022

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