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A monologue (?) about a parent's struggle.
"Run faster kiddo!" I think to myself. But I see that he is running as fast as he can.

"Please drop the ball, please drop the ball." I pray. But the baseman does not. I brace myself for what is about to come next. And there it is...dirty flying, helmet thrown to the ground.

I hear a parent behind me, "Man, if that was my kid..." I don't even let them finish the sentence.

"If that was your kid, what? Because you obviously don't have a kid like that. So please enlighten me with your sage advice. Give me the words that will make it all go away for him. For us as a family. For me sitting here watching him. So please, I beg you give me what you would do. It's gotta be something different than all the talks and encouragement, the time outs, the yelling, the hugs, the kisses, the trying to understand, the therapy, the books, the classes, the other advice from parents with kids like that. So please, I beg you, enlighten me!"

The other parents sit quiet, uncomfortable.

I walk away to go be alone. Because I am just that- Alone.

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