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A short story of what happens after death
You are on your way home. On a highway going about 70MPH. You're in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. Suddenly, something goes wrong. Your front left tire has suddenly lost all pressure and now you spin out of control. In about 10-20 seconds, you're dead. The medics tried their hardest to give you another chance to breathe, but their efforts were futile. You wake up, and you see me. I kinda look like some sort of human, most likely a male. "Who are you, where am I" you say. "You're dead. And I... Well I guess I'm... God?" I respond. I haven't really thought about what I am. "But my wife and kids, will they be okay?" You ask. "That's what I like to hear, worried about your family." I say "I can't give a definite response, but you're marriage was falling apart and your kids haven't grown enough to remember you." I finish. "Well what happens now? Am I going to heaven or hell or something?" You ask, worried about your fate. "No." I answer. "You sir are going to be reincarnated." I conclude. "So the Hindus were right!" You exclaim. "All religions are correct in their own way. Let's go for a walk. It's nice to walk and talk." I say. "So what's my next life going to be like?" You ask. "You'll be a Mongol soldier in 1313 A.D.." I answer. "Wait, you sending me back in time?" You wonder. "Indeed" I respond. "So if I've gone back I time, then I could have interacted with myself!" You realize. "Sure, I've seen it happen many times." I respond. "So if I've gone back in time, then I'm Jesus!" You say "and all who followed him, and who excited him." I respond. "I'm Abe Lincoln!" "And John Booth" "I'm Hitler!" You say ashamed. "And the millions her killed, and the few that supported him." You list all the people you can think of that you've may have been before or will be. Sun Tzu, Genghis Khan, Al-Qaeda, Chris Columbus, and even every Roman gladiator. "So why do all this?" You ask. "What, live? For experience. And so you can become just like me. I made this universe for you." I respond "Just me? What about everyone else?" You say, worried about your fellow homo sapeins. "There is no one else, just you." I say "and after you live every human life, you will be just like me." I conclude. "Anyways, I must send you off to your next life now, so long, and until we meet again." I say, and off you went.
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