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by Kris
Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2276047
A ball of yarn is chased by a cat. It must do everything in its power to survive.
I could hear it coming. Those loud footsteps, jumps, crawls, they were indisputably those of my feared archenemy. My one and only nemesis; the cat. I was not sure where the cat had come from, nonetheless, it was permanently near enough that I could sense it, but never see it. And on the special occasions when I did catch a glimpse of it, I barely had the chance to take a good look, as I was immeadetly struck down with those powerful paws of its. I knew not the reason of our hatred, but did it matter? The cat attacked me, with an unknown motive, so I had to defend myself, and share that feeling of hatred and destruction.
Suddenly, abrupting my train of thought, I felt a swift stomp close to me. It was the cat, it was closing the distance between us in stealthy strides, which if not for my sight of them, wouldn´t be noticable at all. I braced myself, as I knew what was coming now. It was the leap. The cat always followed a similar pattern when performing his attack; the strides, the leap, and then the dreaded ultimate blow, which usually consisted of the cat puncturing me with its claws. It was inevitable at that point, I could never match its speed, nor could I run away.
Unexpectedly, the cat got its claws tangled in me, so I took advantage of the opportunity and ran as fast as I could. I ran, and ran, and ran, until I hit something. A wall. Now I had nowhere to go. I was cornered, the cat had succeded in untangling his claws and was approaching me. I guess, this was yet another battle won by the cat. Most of our battles have ended with the cat victorious, and I defeated, but I was certain I´d win the next one. And if not, then the next. I would defeat my one and only nemesis, my enemy, the cat.
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