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by Kris
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A song I wrote.
When you say you love me
Say it twice
Or else I won’t be sure
If I’m living in a dream

With my eyes closed, in the middle of the night
The night feels warmer when I’m without you

You remind me of a dark place
The one we used to share
“We’re alone together” you said

And you filled my heart
With stupid shit

I started to drown while
You swam away from me

Long nights, waiting for you to come back
Sour skies, that felt as though they called my name
I said “Take me out, take me home! Before it’s all too late”
it’s all in my head

I look at you from afar
Piercing right through your soul

It wasn’t you all along
But me who was losing my mind

Shout it out
Let me know
Was it really worth it

Wasting your time
Taking my heart

I’m terrified of the dark
The one we used to share
You never said a word to me

Long nights, waiting for you to let me out
Sour skies, I screamed as though it were my last day
Saying “Take me out, take me home! Cause now it’s all too late, just help me out”

“Give me a bit more time”

The sky turned black
I lost sight of you

The water covered everything
Just let me breath
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