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Someone reading news articles from the internet.
A lazy, summer day
I'm sitting
On a park bench
Reading news articles
From the internet
On my cell phone.

H. P. Lovecraft,
He funded with Stephen King,
Which he called King
A weenie,
Which who's the better
Horror writer.
And, it was discovered
That H. P. Lovecraft is
Abholos, Devoured in the Mist
Of the Great Old Ones
In his fiction.
Stephen King quoted:
"I didn't know.
It's like that
I'm one of the vampires
In Salem's Lot,
And then I started to write
About it in the novel.
And, He had no
Other comments.

Killing people,
As a monster,
And then,
He writes about it
As H. P. Lovecraft
For all these years,
And he calls
Another writer
A weenie.
Monsters are
Childish sometimes.

Cans and bottles
From soda machines
Started to
Fly up and kill
People in various
Parts of the world.

The cans and bottles
Drop down
And start flying
Out of the machine
Like a missile
With flames
Coming out
Of the bottom
Of the can and bottle.
Said one expert
On vending machines.
It shouldn't do that.
You shouldn't be hit
On the head with
A metal can
Or a plastic bottle of soda.
Look like
I'm going to
The gas station
Convenience store
To buy soft drinks.

Frankenstein's monster
Is stumping
For the Grand Concil
In the Swiss
Canton of Vaud.

The monster
Is going by the name
Of Adam Frankenstein,
And he claims that
He's the ancestor
Of Victor Frankenstein
Who created the
Eight foot tall
In the 1720's
From spare parts
In his lavatory,
And his creation
Killed him.

Other candidates
Claimed that
He was the monster
Because he was
Eight foot tall.

He was the monster
What do you expect
When your a eight foot
Three hundred year old
Monster stumping for
Public office.
You think that
They won't notice,

That's it.
I'm leaving.
It's been a great
Looking through
The internet
On my cell phone,
But it's time to leave,
Good bye.
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