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A bunch of students are asked to inspect a new technology.
"Do you know what this is?" asked Dr. Gruber in his jeans and lab coat. His brown hair was combed in a wave over his head to hide the grey that was starting to show. He adjusted his wire rimmed glasses with one hand as he waved the object around in his other. His students were never interested in anything.

"Duh, it's a cellphone," said Amy Jenkins, after blowing a pink bubble. She rolled her eyes and twisted one blonde pigtail in her left fingers, her pink bow knotting up.

"Yes," said Dr. Gruber, "and no." He put the cellphone on his desk. "I command you to change."

The cellphone shook for a second, then wriggled itself into the shape of a small transistor radio.

"Good morning, Dr. Gruber. What can I do for you?" said the radio.

"Open the blinds all the way and open the middle window."

The transistor radio beeped and buzzed. The blinds on the windows on the east side of the classroom folded upwards and the middle window opened outwards.

The students sat up in awe.

"That's very good," said Dr. Gruber. "Now introduce yourself."

"I am the Tartex 300. I can do just about anything you ask of me using electrical impulses and ultraviolet beams. That's, of course, in layman's terms. My functioning is much more complicated and requires a high-ranking degree to understand."

"The Tartex 300 is an experimental model that we are going to studying for the next few weeks," said Dr. Gruber. "It is top priority and security clearance of 4. I'll see you in class tomorrow and we'll begin," said Dr. Gruber, "Class dismissed."

The students all gathered around the desk and began asking questions of and about The Tartex 300. Dr Gruber was pleased. This was the first time that his students seemed interested in learning.

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