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Jason Lee the Fashion Violator for Writer's Cramp

Jason Lee the Fashion Violator

37 lines

Jason Lee was a man
Born without the fashion gene
Born without a fashion clue
Did not understand fashion.

In his mind, the best male fashion was
the Northwest grunge look
Well-worn khaki, plaid Pendleton shirt
boots, and perhaps a bolo tie.

He often thought
That the irony of his life
Was that he married a fashionista.
Proving that opposites do indeed attract.

His wife, Maria Lee
Tried repeatedly to change his fashion sense,
Tried to make him look nice
Taught him basic color coordination.

He resisted but over time
He gradually become
A bit more fashioned aware
Even spent years wearing a suit and tie.

She threw out his horrid ties
Which made him angry
He loved his garish bugs bunny ties.

But when they retired
and they move to Oregon
from the halls of power in DC,

He told her that he would never wear a suit again,
Going back to the Oregon lumberjack look
Khaki or Jeans, boots or sneakers, plaid Pendleton shirt.
complete with a scraggly beard.

She merely smiled at him,
Finally resigned herself
to her fate as the wife of a man
who would always
be a walking fashion violation.
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