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My Aunt's window was broken from a meteor
As I am driving up the dirt road to my aunt's house I can see her front window is broken. I park the car and yell out for my aunt "Caroline, are you home?" theres no answer. I slowly approach the front door, taking each step of the front porch very carefully. "Caroline, it's me, Genevieve, are you in there?" still, no answer. I knew she was expecting me so why wasn't she there. Maybe she was in the back of the house working or maybe she left to run an errand hoping to be back before my arrival. I was about 45 minutes early anyways. I guess I better go inside and investigate the damage from the broken window.

Fortunately, the door was unlocked, "was this intentional?" I thought to myself, or does this have to do with the broken window? Could someone have broke in through the window and then walked out the front door? "no, that couldn't be it, this is a safe neighborhood" muttering to myself as I cautiously open the front door. "Auntie Caroline, are you home?" Still no answer. I glance to my right, "What the hell is that?" I whispered to myself. There was a giant metallic looking rock inside the house. It appears to have burned through some fo the flooring, creating a little crater underneath it. About half of the rock was nestled in the floor, surrounded by glass shards and debris from the impact.

What on earth happened? What is this rock? How did this thing get here? As I am standing next to this rock, I'm asking myself all of these questions. I hear a car pull into the driveway, this must be Caroline. I peer through the broken window and give a wave then proceed to walk to the front door. Caroline greets me there. "Oh Genevieve, I am so sorry i was not here when you arrived, what happened to the window?" she asked. "I'm not sure, I saw that the window was broken when i arrived, I was in the middle of investigating and then you pulled up." Caroline looked very concerned after I told her.

We both decided to take a closer look at the rock. "this looks like a meteor!" Caroline exclaimed. "a meteor? wow, what are the odds of that?" I asked. "Genevieve, I think we can work together to move this thing out of the house. What do you think?" "absolutely, let's give it a try" Caroline and I stood on each side of the meteor and bent down. "are you ready Caroline?" I asked. "yes, I am. On the count of 3 we will lift the meteor and bring it to the porch" "sounds good Caroline". Both of us took a couple deep breaths and braced ourselves for the lift. "1, 2, 3!" Caroline shouted.

Caroline and I lifted with all of our strength, but we couldn't get it to budge. "Genevieve, let's try again. 1, 2, 3!" Still, there was no movement. "I think we need to call someone to help us Auntie Caroline" I expressed. "Ok Genevieve, let's make some calls."

After about 3 hours, The American Astronomical Society showed up to my Aunt's house. They came prepared with several pieces of equipment and a crew of 4 men to help extract the meteor from Caroline's home. Watching this whole process take place was fascinating. Between the zip up white suits, gloves and masks, I felt like i was in a sci-fi movie. I was impressed by how extremely careful around the meteor everyone was, as to not damage it in anyway.

Mr. Dougle was in-charge of the whole operation. He managed his crew like an elegant dance, they respected him and allowed him to lead.
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