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by chaze
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When the clock tics. Do you dare to care?
Humans was to scared for this word but they forgot the essence of life and Turned there back on life and switched to their so called technologies.
They forgot that the one that they turned there backs to slowly been falling into Pieces, Open your eyes and hearts never in any lifetime God neglected us. He Had given us all the beauty and resources to live in his wonderful kingdom Paradise. God gave us free will to study and to co-parent his creation of life.
But since humans thought that they can outsmart there father they have Destroyed the balance of life in all the universe. The peace of mankind and the Essence of being divinity.
Since we inflicted and joined the evil minds of our manipulators. Earth rattled The universe into alarming chaos to the galaxy. When other life forms had Dedicated There life on saving this ones holy land that they called Paradise.
We have inflicted our minds of so much evil that were taught that the one who Had the guts to protect the holy land was the enemy. But if you look at it we are the true enemy of existence. Humans tend to comply to what they think the norms should be or do had caused there humanity and existence distinct. You followed once dream that was never intended for your life.
Now tell me how can you rewrite the past if the present already arrived and the future is determined?

Do you still have the guts to kneel in Gods name when you were laughing with the devil the whole time?
Ask yourself is this what God created to bring one's peace and love for everyone. Or for someone dream who wanted to take everything what God created for his own greediness and envious soul.

Open your heart people...
everyone is now shouting for you to open your heart and eyes to have the love and faith that was never been manipulated of the truth.
Act now when it is not to late.
Kneeling will never save you from Our Father.
The Purest heart and soul will only save humanity.
For this so called end of time.

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