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Married My Dream Lady

I have often thought
Of my life
As a fairy tale romance.

Complete with a princess
An angel sent from heaven
To save my life
From despair and fear.

It all happened
In a dream
One day I saw
Her standing next to me,

The most beautiful woman
In the universe
And she was talking to me
In a strange language.

I yelled out,

Who are you?
She smiled and disappeared.

I had the dream
Weekly for almost eight years.
I went to Korea

Joining the Peace Corps
Because I knew she was waiting
For me in Korea

Then one day
I had the last dream

She said,

‘Don’t worry, we will meet soon”
That night
She walked off the bus

Into my life
Becoming my wife
Two months later

As the fairy tale romance
Became real
And for 40 years
I have looked at her
My dream lady

She changed my life
She took control
Of my often chaotic life

She straighten me out
I quit hanging out in bars
Chasing women

She provided structure
She provide meaning
She was always
There listening to me

She was a problem solver
And she was very practical
Where as I am the exact opposite
A wild romantic poet at heart.

Totally unprepared
For the real world
She was all of that
For me.
And she was a genius
At making money
And investments.

She joked
I was a genius
At wasting money
And had no clue
About financial matters.

She was my load stone
She was my everything.

I am thankful every day
That the gods brought us
In this mortal world.

Based on a true story.

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