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A favourite song of my Daughter and myself. Written for "Sound And Vision Contest".

I have always loved this Gershwin song from the folk opera "Porgy And Bess", written in my favourite key of A Minor.
When my Daughter Lucy was young she used to play it on her recorder and a few years later we both joined a local choir and used to sing it as part of our repertoire.

She was concerned at one time about the words "spread your wings and take to the sky" and asked if it meant that you would die.
I explained that it meant that one day you would reach adulthood and gain independence and be able to make choices in life.
Her concern was strangely prophetic as she died from cancer aged only thirty years.

When we were driving back from her funeral service this song came came on the radio and it seemed appropriate to hear it at such a time.
This version, by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong is truly sublime, the artistry of the performers capturing the languid feel of a hot summer's day.

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