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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2276801
My private longing
A blue light trails in the sky
A blink of parallel domain
I see our fingers tangled up
I see us walking in the rain

And you're the quiet sort of quiet
The droplets gather on your lips
Even still, you have a patience
That lingers long within the mist

My wonder at the world of old
Might twister up with younger lies
I lose track of what I lived
But I have ages left to die

My silence slowly breaks the clouds
Into two and five and ten
You listen while the oranges
Turn my brown hair into red

And I know that you are sad
Forlornly shadowed in my heart
Often to this day
I wonder why we stayed apart

I think of everything I’ve touched
I hear a hur-hur on the wind
I see the sparkle in the blue
A taste of what we could have been

So whenever comes the rain
I go barefoot to the door
It is there that I remember you
And all of you that I adore

I think not of when its dry
I think not to spare the ache
I push you from the night
And focus on an older face

I know a fool in love is blind
So twice a fool I think I am
I am half the kind of woman
That can choose between two men

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