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A kind warning regarding Opportunity. Posting to motivate myself to keep going.
         "How long will you stand wondering before you open this door?"
         The question startled Trigger from his pensive trance. He turned and raised an eyebrow at Shridao, the large elderly Gyandiu at the table behind him. Trigger gestured to the large pane of glass that made up the wall of the dining room.
         "I know your people have all sorts of words for stuff, but this can't possibly be a door, right?" He sat in a chair opposite the strange man. "I'll admit I was 'standing wondering' in front of this window about..." He shifted nervously, "stuff."
         Shridao huffed and slowly shook his head. Trigger had learned over the past few weeks that meant Shridao was amused.
         "Kisyato, Ser-Etegaio; you speak truth. That is a window." Shridao shifted his constant kindly smile into a knowing one. "However, you stand wondering in front of a door as well, one my people call Brinikael, Opportunity. Let me show you."
         Shridao piled dirt and leaves on the table in front of Trigger. Trigger's face lit in wonder. He sat up to see the magic.
         Shridao took a deep, careful breath, he puffed his chest and throat in a barely noticeable rhythm. A deep, ominous melody began to fill the air, at first from Shridao before the wood and stone in the room took over the sound. The quiet song came from every direction, even the table to pull at the large pile of leaves and dirt, to lift the parts above the table. The dancing mass split into three, a figure of a man on the left and a tall rectangle in a small frame to the right. The third, a small ring, began to slowly turn on the surface of the table around the scene.
         "When a man is invited to Brinikael Hyesuo, the Door or Gate, the Entrance to Opportunity, he may stand as long as he wishes. He may look over the door or try to see what lies inside."
         The figure leaned toward the door as if in thought. The echoing melody became soft and thoughtful.
         "He may decide to move on, to leave it behind."
         The figure leaned back from the door. It stepped away into the ring and fell apart. The melody gave a sad yet understanding chord.
         "Perhaps he will open the door and step into the new opportunity."
         A new figure emerged from the ring and opened the door. Part of the ring formed into a long-haired woman in a dress. The two figures stepped together to hold hands. They drew into a kiss with a bright, triumphant song.
         "But there is another option before the one at Brinika'el Hyesuo, one you should be aware of, young Trigger."
         The scene spun to return the figure to the left side of the door. The box disappeared with the motion as the deep, ominous melody returned. Trigger looked into the ancient, wizened eyes of the Gyandiu songmaster.
         "Should a man find himself before this door, he may ponder on what waits beyond, on what comes next on the path ahead. The dangers of waiting at the Entrance to Opportunity can be many. Behold, Ser-Etegaio."
         The deep, resonant sound grew stronger. It filled the air like an echoing chant from a twisting cavern. Trigger looked down at the figure in front of the door again. It leaned in thought as the same soft, thoughtful notes from before peeked through the ominous resonance.
         "Hear the warning I would give today. Should the man wait too long at the Entrance to Opportunity, he may find another has found what he was too cautious to seek."
         The figure opened the door. The door and the frame glided to the left, past the little figure to fade into the turning material. Two figures stepped out of the ring opposite the first. The woman figure from before stood at the side of a new figure wearing a cloak over broad shoulders. They waved to the first figure before turning to kiss each other.
         The cavernous sound was joined by the sad, understanding chords from before. The sound took the first figure to its knees. It held its head, shaking in the sorrowful sound as a radiant tune played quietly for the other couple as if at a distance from the sorrow surrounding the shaking mass.
         The music stole away Trigger's control. Tears fell down his cheeks, and he found himself shaking in sync with that little mass of dirt and leaves. He could not tell how long that sad, empty sound trapped his attention before a voice startled him from his trance. It was a voice both stern and kind, full of the experience Trigger lacked. He looked up to the gold eyes of his first friend in this strange world, unable to understand the words of that voice. The voice continued, moving past whatever had released Trigger.
         "As such, I have seen what things lie on the path ahead for each of this party. While the others complete their task in the forest outside, I must ask you, our stranger named Trigger, to consider what lies on the other side of your own door."
         Trigger nodded slowly, still shaken from the powerful magic Shridao had summoned. He knew being in a new world meant he had to look for his own opportunities. There were so many things he had been thinking about before.
         "Shridao," the young man whispered past his tears. "What door do I open first?"
         Shridao pulled his unfamiliar stern expression back into his kindly smile. He reached over the table to put a hand of Trigger's shoulder.
         "I would suggest the door you were pondering, Ser-Etegaio." Shridao looked out the large glass pane that made up the wall of the dining room. He smiled deeper and turned back to Trigger.
         "How long will you stand wondering before you admit and address your feelings for Kelsie Ralsmith?"

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