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A love story that emerged between a beautiful couple.

My best moment of my life
Imagine you are on the beach watching the sunset, you are so deep in your thoughts that you don't realize that there is someone behind you.
He notices you and hugs you by the shoulders, you turn around and see that it is Sebastian, the person you were in love with for a long time.
Sebastian: Love, what are you thinking about? you have been standing there for a long time without saying anything to me, are you feeling well?
Miranda: I was just thinking about the past, do you remember when we talked for the first time?
Sebasti: How can I forget it, and even more that time you chased me all over the school to give me back the eraser that I had to give to you?
Miranda: That day was the first time you sat next to me in class and since you left so quickly to go to lunch, you didn't notice that you left it on the desk and you dropped it with the sudden movement you made.
Sebasti: That's not true, I remember very well that I never left things behind because I always checked the desk before leaving.
Miranda: Of course not, that time you didn't check it. Sebastian: Are you sure you didn't take it before I left the classroom?
Miranda : I , in ... of course I'm sure "She gets a little nervous and blushes " He notices how the red color reaches her cheeks and realizes that she was lying , which caused him a little laugh ... ....
Sebastian: I already knew she hadn't forgotten. " He laughs " Why didn't you better talk to me without taking my eraser off ?
Miranda : Because I thought you would ignore me if I just talked to you without any excuse and since I saw your eraser on the desk and you were distracted , I opted to take it and be able to give it back to you , having the perfect excuse to talk to you.
Sebastian: You didn't need to do that, because I was looking for a moment when you were alone so I could approach you and talk to you.          
Miranda: Why didn't you do it? I know, you wanted me to take the initiative, right? How cruel you are my love?
Sebastian : Out of pity, being honest yes "He laughs" but you know something, I'm thankful that happened because if not, you and I wouldn't be right now here, on the beach watching this beautiful sunset.... I love you "He hugs her and gives her a kiss on her forehead."
Miranda: I love you more, thank you for making me so happy "She kisses him".
Sebastian: Hey, I want you to come with me. I need you to see something, shall we go?
Miranda: Sure, but tell me, what is it?
Sebastian: Don't worry, it's a little surprise....
"They head towards the part of the beach where there are several people and stop " . Sebastian : Love , from the moment I met you , I knew you were that person with whom I wanted to share many moments of my life , we started talking after the incident of the eraser " Let out a chuckle " and when we started dating I set out to conquer you , because you would be that person who would give me joys and also sadness , and not least some displeasure because of your stubbornness , but you know , I do not regret anything of our past , because although I know that in our relationship we have had many ups and downs , we have been able against all obstacles . And I want to thank you for this time together , for that I will do something that will change our life from now on . "Why I want to spend my whole life with you, I want to ask you here, on this beach and in front of these people to be my life partner, love, do you want to marry me?
Miranda: Of course I do.
"He stands up and hugs her."
Sebastian: I love you
Miranda: I love you

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